Random Photo for 02/29/16


Today’s photo is from this weekends’ NHRA National event out here in Phoenix.  Being in the stands you feel the amazing power these cars have as they fly by you.  This is right as the car launched and you can even see the tire beginning to deform from all that power.


Random Photo for 02/18/16


Today’s photo is from Disney World.  On our last day I had woken up early and knew I had to get out and shoot.  We were staying at the Yacht Club and it’s a very pretty area.  Even more so with the sun rising over the water.


Hasbro Titanium Star Wars Helmets

DSC06175 DSC06176
DSC06177 DSC06178
DSC06179 DSC06180
DSC06181 DSC06183
DSC06184 DSC06185
DSC06186 DSC06187
DSC06189 DSC06190


Random Photo for 02/15/16

Europe 2013 - 378 - DSC00341


Today’s photo is from Venice.  Walking along one of the many bridges I came across these gondoliers hanging out.  I snapped this as I was walking by.


Random Photo for 02/11/16


Today’s photo was taken after I had completed the Star Wars half marathon.  We visited the parks for a while and the sun was setting as I was passing by Paradise Pier.  I wanted a picture as the California Screamin’ rollercoaster was passing by.


Random Photo for 02/08/16


Today’s photo is from the Chicago River.  We took an architectural boat cruise and towards the end we had this view of many of the skyscrapers.  It was a really interesting tour and I find myself seeing buildings back home and thinking of their architectural styles.