365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 30th


Tonight one of my favorite rappers was in town and I decided I’d go see him perform live; mc chris was doing a show in Scottsdale so I grabbed my camera and went down there.  It was a great night overall.  A bunch of rappers talking about nerd stuff – I was completely in my element.  I didn’t get there early enough to get that close, but the venue was pretty small so even with my 50 I appear closer than I really am.  I shot the entire night at f/1.8 and ISO 3200 to keep my shutter speed up, and even with the manual focus lens I was able to keep focus for the most part thanks to the NEX-5’s focus peaking feature.  mc was cool and stayed after the show to meet with his fans.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 29th


I was back in the downtown Chandler area tonight and the perfectly aligned palm trees with the lights on from underneath made me stop.  I took this shot focused on the close tree with the second one slightly blurred in the background.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 28th


I took this photo of some glassware that was made at one of those paint your own pottery places.  The “spikes” on the globe are what caught my eye initially.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 27th


I was out riding the bike this afternoon and a storm started to roll in.  I was passing this lake next to a shopping center and noticed how choppy the water was.  I wanted to capture that and got these ducks swimming away from me as I came close.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 26th


Today I had to work at night and ended up working until after midnight.  Around 11:30 I realized I needed to get a picture for the day, so I took this photo of the wall when I was taking out some trash.  I liked the texture and the “pattern” that appears in the scratched out sections.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 25th


This afternoon I decided to take the lightrail to downtown Phoenix and get some food and hopefully some good pictures.  The place I was hoping to go was closed since no one actually lives in downtown Phoenix (even though their phone message states they’re open on Sunday) so I walked around and got some shots, but nothing I was incredibly pleased with.  On the way home I decided to get off in Tempe and walk around Tempe Town Lake area.  When I was waiting for the lightrail to come home I noticed the sun’s position in the sky and thought it could look really cool with the sun shining low in the background as the train approached.  So when the train came I stood up and snapped this photo.  I’m happy with it, it turned out exactly how I visualized it.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – September 24th


Grabbed my XBox controller while looking for something to shoot.