Random photo for 12/22/2013


Today’s photo is the roof of King’s Cross Station in London.  My cousin & I went in briefly to get our pictures taken at the Platform 9 3/4 photo op they have there.  The roof was so fantastic looking I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo.  I really like the bit of lens flare.


Random Photo for 12/12/2013


Today’s photo is from Rome.  More specifically, the church San Giovanni in Laterano.  This was a really beautiful place inside with a pretty non-descript exterior.  This was shot with the 16mm and fisheye adapter and is a photo of the confessio with a statue of John the Baptist and the tomb of Pope Martin V.


Here’s the wikipedia entry if you’d like to know more about the church.

Random Photo for 12/11/2013



I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this.  I got back from a 13-day trip to Europe a couple weeks ago and have been pretty busy with work since my return.  I’m just now getting around to seeing some of the 3,000+ photos I took on the trip.

This photo was taken in Venice near our hotel with the Lensbaby on my NEX-5N.  This lens can be fun to use, but it’s hard to tell on the camera screen just how well your shot works.  This is one I liked and I processed this in Lightroom 4 & then in DXO Film Pack 3.