Random Photo for 02/18/16


Today’s photo is from Disney World.  On our last day I had woken up early and knew I had to get out and shoot.  We were staying at the Yacht Club and it’s a very pretty area.  Even more so with the sun rising over the water.


Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 25 – I’ve Got the UK All To Myself

Day 7 – 11/10/2014

We woke up this morning and Moms wasn’t feeling too good again. She decided to rest in the room while I visited Epcot. I remember I had to get something from the car, but I don’t remember what. All I know is I took my camera with me.

I opted to take a Friendship boat to Epcot instead of walking. I took a bunch of photos while waiting for the boat.
DSC05556 DSC05560

I entered Epcot via the International Gateway and World Showcase wasn’t open yet. I didn’t mind though, that meant empty pavilions. I headed towards Future World where I had a FP+ for Living With the Land. On the way I stopped to enjoy a basically empty United Kingdom. I enjoyed being able to take photos in the day with not as many people around. Next time I may just have to spend a morning walking through an empty World Showcase. DSC05566

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 24 – Getting Our Yacht On

Day 6 – 11/9/2014

After our snack run, we headed to our final hotel stay. The Yacht Club. I was excited to check out Stormalong Bay more than anything. We checked in and of course, my Magic Band had been deleted from the stay. At this point it was just easier to get a new MB just for this room stay and use my other ones for park entrance. This helped to balance me out though with a MB on each wrist. We had a room near the quiet pool and it was quite a walk from the lobby. It was close to an exit near the dock for the Friendship boats though. The décor of the room definitely wasn’t too our taste.

We rested for a bit and eventually headed out to check out more of the resort. The dock and beach area is pretty great. Walking through Stormalong Bay made me want to jump in right then. DSC05427

Magic Kingdom was our destination for the evening. We arrived and slowly made our way up Main Street. Taking in the Christmas ambiance at night.


We got to the Castle and headed through it on our way to Fantasyland. They were getting ready for some nighttime show and apparently they close off the walkway through the Castle for the show. The thing is the CMs just came by with a rope with very little warning and no compassion. This happened as we came to the exit. We were walking at different paces and I made it through before just before they started blocking people. I understand preventing people from coming in, but they didn’t want to let the people who were already in the Castle through. They were telling those people to go back through the Castle and take one of the side paths. Moms was one of those people and she wasn’t having any of that. They eventually let her through.

We were getting hungry and the mac & cheese from Friar Nook’s sounded good. It definitely hit the spot, I love mac & cheese and this was not a bad version at all. DSC05496
DSC05513DSC05518– I find these walls odd; they look fine, but since they’re not connected to anything they’re just in the middle of the way

We were right next to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Moms had never ridden it so we hopped in line with about a 20 minute wait. The interactive queue is pretty neat. Out trip through the Hundred Acre Wood complete we started towards Liberty Square. A quick stop at the Tangled restrooms, then we rode Haunted Mansion.

We were just walking along and ended up in Adventureland. I love corny jokes so the Jungle Cruise is one of my favorites. The wait was only about 10 minutes so we hopped in line. Being Christmas time, they had changed the ride to Jingle Cruise and added some Christmas items to the jungle along with some holiday “humor”. Our skipper, Mike, was fantastic. He had great energy and delivery. Everyone on the boat was cracking up.

By now it was getting close to 10 and we were starting to drag. We made our way out of the park as Wishes was going off. They had us exit “backstage” behind Main Street, so it was neat getting to see the backside of buildings. We just went back to the room and crashed. DSC05532– Swiss Family Treehouse
DSC05534DSC05537– Yacht Club lobby