Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 19: Back To Food & Wine

Day 5 – 11/8/2014

That Yak Attack packed a bit of a punch so I was feeling pretty good as I started on the Pangani Forest Trail. Parts of the trail were being refurbished, so there wasn’t much too see. To make matters worse, instead of people flowing in one direction, people were coming and going on the same paths so it felt really crowded. Luckily, one of the gorillas had just had a baby and that little thing was so cute. I was eager to get back to Epcot for some more Food & Wine Festival so I made my way towards the bus.

An Epcot bus came to the bus stop right as I was walking up. Talk about good timing. I headed to the Festival Center to try and get a passport book and a small gift card. They were out of passports, but I got a free Godiva sample so it evened out. I put $50 on a gift card and headed out.
– a presentation was going on, but I don’t know what it was on
– Godiva had a series of these, all made out of chocolate

Outside of Star Wars and Disney, I’m a big fan of anything free. I couldn’t not stop in Club Cool since I was passing right by it. I’ve had the Beverly so I wasn’t too disappointed they were out of it. I got my free soda tastings, but I can never remember which ones I end up liking.

This was the last weekend of Food & Wine and it was absolutely packed today. Every line was crazy long. It kind of killed that walk up and try something vibe since it looked like I’d be in line a minimum of 20 minutes. Eventually I found something I was willing to wait for. Canada’s booth. We ate at Le Cellier previously, so I was definitely in for a cheaper version of the filet ($7.25) and my favorite, Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup ($4.25). The soup was excellent of course, and the filet was very good, but not as good as I remember the actual Le Cellier version being last time.
DSC05142 – “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce
DSC05142 – Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup


Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 18 – Yak Attack in the Jungle Trek

Day 5 – 11/8/2014

My fastpass+ time for Dinosaur had arrived, so that’s where I went next. Dinosaur uses the same ride system as Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland, which is one of my favorites. Dinosaur does not use the system as well. I’d ride it again, but I don’t think I’d wait a long time for it. I don’t know if that’s how it’s always been, but it was super dark in there and hard to see stuff. The part where the meteor strikes was pitch black with some sound effects and then just surprised at the photo spot. Don’t get me started on their plan to bring a dinosaur back at the exact moment the meteor strikes. You’ve built a time machine, it was all good just a week ago.
DSC05010 – this dinosaur looks like someone just said something offensive to him
– I’m in the back looking confused

I got off the ride like what was that? Originally I had a fastpass+ for Primeval Whirl at 11, but I rode it earlier since there was no wait. I loved it so much I considered waiting around until 11 to ride it again. Luckily I didn’t have to, I was able to move my fastpass+ up to about 5 minutes away. Still couldn’t get a closer time for Everest though. My ride on Primeval Whirl was still fun. I wasn’t alone this time; I was in a vehicle with some other Star Wars fans. Episode VII’s title had just been announced that morning and I was able to break the news to them. We chatted about Star Wars for a bit as the ride was ending.
– I had to take a picture because that was the first time I’ve ever gotten a red card.

While all of this was going on Mom’s was back at AKL enjoying the animals in the Savanna

My Everest fastpass+ wasn’t for a couple hours but I figured I’d go by there since I was headed to Maharajah Jungle Trek. The cast member said single rider was only about 15 minutes so I hopped in line. I rode with a lady who was by herself. She had never ridden it before and she was a little nervous, but was trying to see if her son could handle it. I tried to keep her informed as to what was coming up. She seemed to enjoy it, and I know I definitely loved it. The single rider line was now like 30 minutes. I contemplated riding again, but decided not to. Goodbye for now Expedition Everest, until we meet again.

I made my way to Maharajah Jungle Trek to see the animals. The animals weren’t very active this time and I really didn’t see much. I did go in the bird sanctuary, which we skipped last time. Those birdhouses in there are incredible. Some of those birds, man nature you cray.

Moms went by the Mara to get some lunch. If you’re thinking poor Moms stuck in the room. While she was at the Mara she also purchased a pack of Zebra Domes from their to-go cooler. She bought them for us to share, but apparently I took too long to get back.
– Mom’s lunch

After my somewhat disappoint trek through the jungle, I was passing by a food stand that had an item I was interested in. The Yak Attack. Mango daiquiri, Bacardi light rum, & wildberry flavors make for an awesome drink.
DSC05073 – Yak Attack
– one for the Gram
DSC05075 – Tree of Life

I drank the Yak Attack as I headed to Africa.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 17 – The Spin Cycle

Day 5 – 11/8/2014: Part 17 –

Moms woke up this morning not feeling too good. She decided she was going to stay in the room while I went off. I don’t remember our original plans for today, but since I would be alone I changed them to a morning back at Animal Kingdom to finally ride Dinosaur. I was able to get some fastpass+ set up that morning. Being alone, I also took the bus instead of driving. I think I waited about 10-15 minutes for a bus.

I entered the park and spent some timing checking out the animals in the Oasis before heading to Dinoland U.S.A.

On our last trip, I didn’t get a chance to make it over to Dinoland U.S.A. and we still didn’t get over here yesterday; it was my first stop of the day. My fastpass+ for Dinosaur was about an hour away. Primeval Whirl had like a 5 minute wait so I got on that. Primeval Whirl’s coaster style is very similar to Goofy’s Sky School at California Adventure, except the vehicles spin occasionally and more importantly actually have legroom. I got a vehicle to myself and set off. It was such a blast. I was actually LOLing. I use to love Goofy’s Sky School when it was Mulholland Madnes, but now that I’m bigger (in every direction) the vehicles are a tight fit and that kills all my enjoyment. To be comfortable on a similar ride with the spinning on top of that; Primeval Whirl has a big surprise for me.
IMG_0200 – I loved this shirt
DSC04975 – I know he’s supposed to be friendly looking, but this guy looks like he wants to eat some guests
DSC04986 – this does not look comfortable for anybody involved

DSC04992 – I like that to give it that pop-up carnival look, Disney made this area into a parking lot as part of their theming

After the pleasant surprise of Primeval Whirl, I still had some time to kill, so I decided to ride TriceraTops Spin. What can you really say about a Dumbo clone?

I love corny jokes, so the various signs in the area were right up my alley.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 16 – ZEBRA DOMES!

Day 4 – 11/7/2014

We enjoyed our safari trip and checked out some of the stores in Africa for a bit. A band was playing in the middle of the area so we stopped and listened for a bit. One of the items I wanted to try was a Dole Whip with rum, so I enjoyed that with the music.

With that we, started making our way out of the park. We stopped in some stores on the way out and Moms made a few purchases. We headed back to the hotel for a break before our ADR at Boma.

Boma was a place I really wanted to try. Moms was a little apprehensive wondering what kind of food it would be. We were seated right about the time of our ADR. The line for meats was fairly long when we first sat down. After getting our drink order, the line had shortened so we got in before it got too long again. We ended up trying a large selection of foods and like almost everything. Especially the steak with the Boma mustard. So good. On my 4th trip I decided to give some deserts a try. I had heard about Zebra Domes so I knew they had to be tried. You can probably tell by the title of this part, but we loved the Zebra Domes. I now know for next time to save room for more domes.
DSC04921 – Boma

DSC04927 – Moms at least tried to eat something healthy
DSC04930 – Zebra Domes!

We were stuffed but so satisfied with our dinner. We walked around the resort for a while just checking everything out. Went by the pool to the night vision viewing area. Animal Kingdom Lodge offers night vision goggle viewing at night. It was awesome using the goggles and seeing some animals in what was basically pitch black. After getting our fill of pictures we headed back to the room to call it a day.


Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 15 – We’re Going On A Safari

Day 4 – 11/7/2014

I always come off a ride on Everest with a huge smile on my face. The wait was only about 15 minutes so Moms said I might as well ride it again and get my fill. This time I went in the standby queue to take in all those glorious details. The wait went by quickly and I was on again.

Disco Yeti and all, I still love it. Our next fastpasses were for Kilimanjaro Safari for 3:00, but I was able to move them up with the My Disney Experience App. We started heading to Africa and I was of course distracted by the gibbons (that’s what I remember the lady told me they were) who were playing around. I caught up to Moms and eventually we entered Africa.

We really liked Kilimanjaro Safari on our last trip so we were really looking forward to this. Moms especially as this is one of the few rides she actually does. As we were getting on the ride I popped on my zoom lens which I brought primarily for this. We ended up with a whole row to ourselves which was nice. Most of the animals seemed more active than our last trip. The lion was sleeping closer to the edge and you could see more of her. I’d classify it as a successful safari trip.


DSC04889 – still sleeping, but at least visible
DSC04897 – I just liked this flower I saw after we got off

Walt Disney World 2012 Trip Day 6 – Friday 12/07/12: On Safari With the Yeti

Today was our last full day of the trip, tomorrow we’d have to go back to the real world.  Today though, we were still in Disney and planning on visiting the park I was most excited for.  Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to see all the Disney World parks, but Animal Kingdom was the one that was the most different from our parks in California.  I woke up early again today and used the time to take some photos around the Poly.

WDW TR-352 WDW TR-353 WDW TR-354 WDW TR-355 WDW TR-356 WDW TR-357 – The Poly at sunrise

For reasons I don’t remember now, we ended up going to the TTC to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom.

WDW TR-358 – Ticket & Transport Center

WDW TR-359 – Animal Kingdom Christmas tree

WDW TR-360 – Animal Kingdom entrance

I wanted to make a beeline straight for Expedition Everest, but as soon as we walked in we were distracted by all the animals in The Oasis.  That’s a really fun area to explore.  Our hunger won out over my desire to ride, so we chose Pizzafari to get some breakfast.  I got the Bounty Platter and Moms got the Kids Breakfast Platter.  It was okay, filled us up.  After breakfast, we headed back to Asia to ride Everest.  We took our time getting there, as we kept stopping to see other animals and all the amazing details they put in the area.  The theming really is fantastic in this whole park.

WDW TR-361 – black swans in the Oasis

WDW TR-362 – the Tree of Life

WDW TR-363 – flamingoes

WDW TR-364 – Mom’s kid’s breakfast

WDW TR-365 – my breakfast bounty

WDW TR-366 – macaw

WDW TR-367

WDW TR-368 WDW TR-369 – gorillas on the way to Everest

Finally, we made it to Everest.  The wait was only 10 minutes so I chose to go through the stand-by queue to check it out since I heard it was amazing.  It was true, the level of detail in the queue is some of Disney’s best work.  Expedition Everest was described to me before the trip as a mixture of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, & Splash Mountain.  It’s a runaway train (Big Thunder), you go backwards in the dark (Space), and there’s a drop (Splash).  I loved it.  Immediately after getting off I was super excited and hopped in the single rider line for another go round.  Now I have a problem, my favorite Disney ride is on the other side of the country.

WDW TR-370 WDW TR-371 WDW TR-372 WDW TR-373 WDW TR-374 WDW TR-375 WDW TR-376 WDW TR-377 – Expedition Everest

Since we were close by, we decided to check out the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  This is another area you walk through and see animals.  Despite them just lying around, it was cool to see the tigers.

WDW TR-378 – Komodo dragon

WDW TR-379 WDW TR-380 – tigers

WDW TR-381 – I loved this shirt, should’ve bought it

We continued our way around the park and headed to Africa to ride the Kilimanjaro Safari.  This is awesome.  You board a vehicle that takes you around an African Savannah and see lots of animals.  Some of them are extremely close to the vehicle.

WDW TR-382 – Tree of Life

WDW TR-383 – black rhinoceros

WDW TR-384 – hippopotamus

WDW TR-385 – Nile crocodile

WDW TR-386

WDW TR-387 – giraffe

WDW TR-388 – elephant

WDW TR-389 – white rhinoceros

WDW TR-390 – zebras

WDW TR-391

WDW TR-392 – gorilla

Moms headed to the restroom while I walked through the Pangani Forest Trail, another walk through area with animals.  At one point I enter a room with lots of people crowded in a corner looking into water through glass.  I find an open window and all I see is a bunch of fish.  I’m wondering to myself is this all there is here, when I hear a dad close by tell his family “here it comes”.  Next thing I know a hippopotamus comes swimming through the water.  It was crazy how graceful that thing was underwater.

WDW TR-393

WDW TR-394 – hippo swimming with the greatest of ease

WDW TR-395 – this gorilla turned his back as soon as I put my zoom lens on

It was feeling like it was time for lunch when I met back up with Moms, so we chose Flame Tree BBQ.  I had the chicken & ribs, while Moms chose just the ribs.  It was delicious.

WDW TR-396 – chicken & ribs

WDW TR-397 – ribs

WDW TR-398 – Everest again

Our bellies full, I quickly walked through Dinoland USA while Moms did some final shopping.  We left back to the Poly to take a break.

WDW TR-399

WDW TR-400 – Dinosaur the Ride

After a nap, we visited Downtown Disney.  The World of Disney store there is great.  I like how the different departments are actually labeled instead of just going from one to another like the Disneyland World of Disney.  Moms had seen Pollo Campero online before we left and wanted to eat there.  We both got fried chicken, and really liked it.  We walked around some more just checking everything out.  Moms was tired after a week of Disney, so she found a place to sit while I went in search of D-Street.  The Disney World Downtown Disney is really big.  I eventually found D-Street and bought some of the Passholder exclusive Vinylmations. With our shopping done, we headed back to our room.

WDW TR-401

WDW TR-402 WDW TR-403 – Mickey& Minnie window decorations

WDW TR-404 WDW TR-405 WDW TR-406 – World of Disney store

WDW TR-407 – LEGO sea serpent

WDW TR-408 WDW TR-409  – Pollo Campero chicken

WDW TR-410

WDW TR-411

WDW TR-412 – Downtown Disney Coke machine

We got off the bus as the Grand Floridian and walked around for a bit before catching the Monorail back to the Poly.

WDW TR-413 – 1929 Cadillac in front of the Grand Floridian

WDW TR-414 – tile work on the floor of the Grand Floridian

WDW TR-415 – this staircase seemed so regal

I got off at the TTC to get more photographs of Wishes, this time from the ferry dock, while Moms continued on to the room.  The ferry dock at the TTC has to be one of the best places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from since they pipe the music into the speakers over there and you can see the whole thing.

WDW TR-416 WDW TR-417 WDW TR-418 WDW TR-419

Afterwards I went back to the room and got some sleep.

WDW TR-420

WDW TR-421 – Poly hallway

WDW TR-422 – our room

Tomorrow we were going to visit Magic Kingdom one last time for some last minute stuff.

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