Random Photo for 08/25/2013



Today’s photo is another from my recent visit to Disneyland.  This was taken with the 16mm with the ultra-wide adapter attached.  It’s apparently very prone to flare.  Photo was edited in Lightroom 4.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – June 12th


I went to a friend’s house this morning to watch the Canadian Grand Prix (amazing race by the way) and since he lives so far away from the rest of society I decided to take the opportunity to visit the Superstition Mountains and try and photograph something.  There was a slight problem though.  While I was motivated to get out and spend time exploring and shooting, it was the middle of the day and if you were unaware I live in the middle of a desert.  It was hot.  Energy-sapping, put me in air-conditioning hot.  Which meant I was limited in my exploring to places I wouldn’t have to walk far from my car to visit.  I shot this while stopped off to the side of a little residential dirt road.  I used my 16mm which accounts for the corner vignetting (I could fix it in post, but I like it) and an aperture of 7.1.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – February 23rd


This is the kind of picture the wide-angle 16mm was made for in my opinion.  It doesn’t just have a wide field of view.  There’s also depth there.  I think that’s what makes this work.  Now if I can find my things at this vantage point to take advantage of that and compare it to the 18-55mm’s 18 side.