365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – April 30th

Bought some more fruits for the juicer today and decided to arrange them for a photo shoot.  This is Fruit Mickey.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – April 29th

I haven’t felt like I’ve been on my game with this week’s selection of photos.  I recently took a picture of a hydrant that I didn’t like and figured that the yellow would be good for this week’s theme.  I’ve noticed my camera does a terrible job at white balance when it’s really dark out and this was no exception, but I like the “red” of the rocks and how the WB mutes the other colors in the scene and even alters the yellow some.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – April 25th

Over the last two weeks I shot exclusively at the 35 and 28 mm focal lengths to try and see which lens I would like better.  Turns out I didn’t really get a clear-cut idea.  The 28 is a little more ideal since I still felt with the 35 that I needed to take a step back sometimes, but I’ve seen some fast 35’s available where I may want that f/1.4 instead of an f/2.8 of most of the 28’s I’ve seen.  Anyways, it’s Monday and the start of a new theme.  This week’s theme is going to be about color.  Really trying to isolate one or two colors and showcase them and see if I can get anything interesting.

Today’s photo emphasizes the green leaves against the white backdrop in the black vase.  I could probably get a better version of this if I had a plain white background instead of the blinds which are a bit distracting and take some of the focus off the plant.  Sure I could reshoot it, but the main goal of this project is education and not necessarily getting 365 amazing images.  I’ve definitely learned from this and will hopefully remember to apply it to the rest of this week’s photos.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – April 24th

I spent today with the family for Easter Sunday and shot a couple shots at the 28mm focal length for this week’s theme.  I’ve been using my 50 f/1.7 as a portrait lens when I’m with family, but if I do get a 28 or 35 I’ll probably use that since I won’t have to step back as far for the group shots.  I think this is a good portrait for the focal length.  The depth of field would definitely be shallower when shot with a prime, but it’s not too bad at this aperture which is f/4.