365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – June 30th

I couldn’t think of a picture today and glanced upon the awesome Sideshow Hulk vs. Spider-Man diorama.  I used my 50mm f/1.7 for a shallow depth of field and focused on the Hulk’s face since he has such a great expression.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – June 29th

My mom has these glass bottles on a dresser in the living room and I’ve wanted to take a picture for a while but couldn’t think of anything interesting for them really.  I shot this with a flashlight behind it so you could see the bubbles in the glass.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – June 26th

I started this week’s series of pictures with the posterization effect and I figured I’d finish it with the black and white posterization.  I shot these swim goggles as they sat on the table by the pool.  It was in the evening so I used a flashlight which is why there is a circle of light in the picture.

I really liked shooting with the various effects for this week’s theme.  I know they can be done in Photoshop and some people consider things like this a waste when you can just “do it in post”, but I don’t agree with that.  I will agree it can be done in post-processing and can probably get better results since you’ve got more control over the effects and the original picture.  The thing is if I’m standing in front of the Eiffel Tower I can try some of these effects in a matter of minutes and use up very little memory space.  Those pictures can be used as a visual note to remind myself that maybe I should try to make that effect on the regular picture or it can just be used to save me from having to spend a lot of time in Photoshop messing around with an image to create a look.  I don’t want to go on vacation and have to edit 1,000 pictures if I can help it, much less try and figure out which ones I’ll want to make more unique with these kinds of effects.  This can just be used to make things easier which isn’t always a bad thing.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – June 25th

I took today’s photo with the Toy Camera effect.  It creates the look of a toy camera with shaded corners and pronounced colors.  It’s fun to quote things sometimes.  Basically it’s a type of old camera filter similar to Holgas and Lomos.  This one doesn’t have much in the way of shaded corners, but it definitely has increased color.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – June 24th

Today’s photo uses the partial color effect that only shows the color blue.  I turned on Anakin’s lightsaber and tried to focus on various parts of the saber and on him and liked this one with his face in focus and the saber “glowing”.  I like the saber effect since it looks like the Ralph McQuarrie concept drawings of Star Wars lightsabers.