Rome, Italy

Last video slideshow  – Rome.

Some of the kind of traffic you find in Rome. Shot from the top of our hop-on-hop-off tour bus near the Piazza della Republica.

The inside of the Pantheon


Random photo for 5/15/2012


Another photo from Italy, this time from Rome.  While walking from the Trevi Fountain to The Spanish Steps, we passed by this barbershop.  The door is open and inviting you in, but there’s curtains behind the glass doors to keep what’s inside a secret.

Venice, Italy

Continuing my posts with my video slideshows, we move on to the second city we visited – Venice.  Venice is amazingly beautiful, I can’t wait to go back.

riding down the Grand Canal on the vaporetto

Because of it’s situation, being built entirely on water, everything in Venice is brought in and out by boat. While walking around in the morning before the shops opened, we saw a couple of boats bringing in fruits and vegetables. We even came across how they do their trash collection. Pretty neat, but I haven’t seen that Ferrari before.


Once again, I recommend the HD option to really see the pictures.  Tomorrow, Rome.

Random Photo for 5/14/2012


This photo was taken on one of the three bridges that crosses the Grand Canal in Venice, the Accademia bridge.  I went out on our last night there to get some souvenirs and do some night shooting, but for some reason I didn’t bring my tripod with me.  I shot this with the camera sitting on the ledge of the bridge.  I knew I wanted a long exposure for the night, but also to blur the ships moving on the water.  The aperture (at 7.1) is just small enough to cause the lights to have the starburst effect.

Florence, Italy

A couple years ago I started making slideshows of our trips.  I’d set the pictures to some music and burn it to DVD so we could watch them later.  I went into this trip to Italy knowing that almost everything I did was going to be for that purpose.  I’ve used some various programs in the past to make the videos, but didn’t have anything on my computer since I switched over to Windows 7 other than the newest version of Windows Movie Maker which I dislike.  I recently got a good price on the Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements 10 combo pack, so I was finally able to put the video together.  This is a version I cut for the internet that doesn’t feature us and instead of trying to have pictures of the stuff that was very specific to our trip, I wanted a shorter video that could focus on the beauty of the cities.  Here’s Florence, Italy.

Here’s a video I shot while traveling from Piazzale Michelangelo back to our hotel of the way the cab driver sliced his way through the pedestrian traffic of the city.


I recommend watching in HD to really see the pictures better.


Beastie Boys member MCA passed away today.  I love hip-hop and the Beasties were some of the best to ever do it, so this is really sad to me.  Here’s some Beastie Boys videos.








R.I.P. to a legend