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Random Photo for 02/04/16


Today’s photo is from Disney World.  A month ago Disney shut off the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios for good.  I really didn’t know what to expect the first time I saw them, but we were absolutely floored by the display.  I wish I knew my last visit would be the last time I’d get to see them.  Would’ve stayed a little longer to just soak it all in.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 11 – WossaMotta Me? WossaMotta U

Day 3 – 11/6/2014

I visited Universal solely to check out the Harry Potter lands, so at this point everything else was just a bonus. We strolled the Jurassic Park section before coming to Toon Lagoon. I’m old enough to remember most of these comic strips, but I imagine younger people don’t get most of the references there. I mean who still knows about Dudley Do-Right? I really liked that nostalgia factor of Toon Lagoon.
– admit it, by now you’ve got the theme song playing in your head

DSC04642 – Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls
DSC04644 – nuthin’, WossaMotta U?

I’ve been a long time comic fan so I was interested in the Marvel Superheroes section of IoA. The only thing I planned to ride was Spider-Man though. Once again Moms found a seat and I got on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man which had something like a 5 minute wait. My verdict? I really liked it.

I do not understand what they were trying to do with the theming of that area. It mainly consists of giant cutouts of Marvel characters stuck on the walls. The stores just say things like “shop” and “dine”. It just seems like a complete lack of effort. We were both getting a little tired and started to make our way out. We checked out some of the shops along the way but didn’t purchase anything.

I really wanted to check out the Transformers ride before we left. Moms didn’t feel like walking all the way back to Universal, so she found a spot to sit and wait in Citywalk. Turns out they were filming episodes of The Steve Harvey show in Citywalk so that was entertaining.

My feet were killing me at this point so I was just willing myself to do this one last thing. On my way I passed by the I Love Lucy Tribute. For the younger readers, back in the old days, the early 90’s. We didn’t have all these internet videos and Netflixes. Summer meant being able to stay up late and watch TV. Back then the only options really were Nick-At-Nite or infomercials. Those Nick-At-Nite shows became as much a part of my childhood as Disney afternoon cartoons. Basically I’m saying I Love Lucy was the GOAT TV show so I had no choice but to step in the Tribute. As a fan of the show, it was great seeing the props and set diagrams.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 6 – A Successful First Visit to Food & Wine

Day 2 – 11/5/2014

Credit to Disney Food Blog for all the descriptions I will be using for Food & Wine pictures.

After seeing a glimpse of our futures, we headed towards World Showcase for the main attraction. The first booth we came across was the first place we stopped. At the Terra booth, Moms ordered a glass of watermelon juice ($2.75). We liked it, but it was nothing too special. We walked around a bit seeing everything on offer and keeping our options open. In front of Norway was the Farm Fresh booth, and they had one of the must-try items on my list – pepper bacon hash.
DSC04392 – Nueske’s® Pepper Bacon Hash with sweet corn, potatoes, hollandaise and pickled jalapeño (gluten free)

I ordered a hash ($4.00) & a key lime wine ($2.75). The only notes I have for this trip are about food, but they aren’t too in depth. My notes (and my memory) tell me the hash was excellent; probably one of my favorite foods. I don’t remember too much about the wine, I think it was sweet, but I did note that it was very good.

We continued our food journey to the next location, China. We ordered the roasted duck, Mongolian beef, & Kung Fu Punch.
DSC04396 – Beijing Roasted Duck in Hoisin Sauce
DSC04397 – Mongolian Beef in Steamed Bun with Chili Mayo
DSC04398 – Kung Fu Punch with Vodka and Triple Sec

I’m thinking Moms ordered the duck and I had the beef. For both of us the beef was the winner, and I have a note that the sauce was great. The Kung Fu Punch was also very good and sweet as well.

My next stop was the South Korea booth for a kimchi dog ($4.00). This was another one of my favorites. So good.
DSC04401 – Kimchi dog with spicy mustard sauce

Moms wasn’t feeling too good so she sat down to rest outside of the China pavilion for a minute. I walked around the shop in China, but the only thing I purchased was a soda. We decided to head back to the room. First though, we had to stop in Norway. For that treat of treats, school bread. I’m sitting here wishing I had one right now.
DSC04404 – we had to get two since neither of us wanted to share

We got back to the room and enjoyed our school breads. I was eager to check out the grounds of the resort, so I grabbed my camera and made my way towards the lobby. It was nearing 11 pm so not much was still open, but that’s fine by me.
DSC04411 – lobby decoration
DSC04412 – another lobby decoration


After about 30 minutes the day started to catch up with me and I headed back to get some sleep.

Walt Disney World Trip Report: Part 5 – The Cluster Strikes Back

Day 2 – 11/5/2014

After a fairly successful first park visit, we hopped back in our rental car to make our way to our next hotel. Port Orleans Riverside. We checked in and visited the concierge to get my magic band situation under control. The lady and her manager were on the phone with tech for at least 30 minutes. They were super helpful and helped put Moms at ease during this whole ordeal. Tech ended up deleting one of my accounts and tying the open account to the room. With my magic band working properly we headed to our room in Alligator Bayou.
– unintentional selfie


First impressions – we loved it! That forest-y feel around the rooms was amazing. The room was a good size. We’d only seen the lobby & our room and were ready to declare this the best WDW hotel.

After a break, we made our way to one of my main reasons for visiting at this time of year. Epcot Food & Wine Festival!


As we made our way through Future World, one of our favorite rides had a 5 minute wait. We decided to explore the history of mankind and get a glimpse of our future in Spaceship Earth.

Up next, Food!

Walt Disney World Trip Report: Part 3 – A Disastrous Start

Day 2 – 11/5/2014

After hanging out with Simba and friends I headed back to our lowly standard, non-suite room in the Little Mermaid section. It was after midnight at this point, so I didn’t spend a ton of time taking photos of that section of the resort.


Being West Coasters, it was still relatively early for us, but after a day of travelling we were tired and fell asleep easily.

We woke up and loaded the car and headed for –

Where we had lunch fastpasses for Be Our Guest. Here’s a pro-tip. Do not have multiple Disney accounts, and if you do, definitely don’t link your Magic Band & hotel to one with your theme park tickets to the other. It causes lots of problems and they really can’t fix it. Luckily we brought our physical tickets, so I had that to get in. Guest Services was having all kinds of trouble. The girl wiped my ticket to try & put it on the MB, but when we went to Town Hall they said there were no days on my ticket or MB. We were able to get the days put back on the ticket and just decided to get the MB stuff sorted later since we didn’t want to waste any more time. It was a complete cluster & I don’t recommend it.

Somewhat sorted, we made our way to Adventureland where we rode our first ride of the trip. POTC. The wait was about 20 minutes, and Moms hadn’t been through the queue on the last trip. Apparently we weren’t very good pirates since we came out of their with no booty or treasure. Maybe next time. We stayed in Adventureland for a unique experience (at least for the U.S. parks), the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Having visited a whole new world, it was just about time for our lunch. I should say, we aren’t park commandos when we’re at Disney. We like to absorb the atmosphere. Plus, as often as I stop to take photos, it’s hard to maintain a brisk pace. We slowly made our way through Liberty Square with a brief stop at the Tangled restrooms.

We arrived a little early, so Moms took a seat in Gaston’s while I explored a finally finished New Fantasyland.




To be continued…