Random Photo for 06/30/2013



Today’s photo is one that turned out completely differently than I thought it would when I shot it.  I took this photo of a sign on a wall and when I looked at it on my PC, I just wasn’t feeling it.  As I started to process it, I noticed the colors from the sunset and inside the building, and really pushed the vibrancy & saturation in Lightroom 4 to bring them out.


Random Photo for 06/26/2013


Today’s photo is another from this year’s Phoenix Comic-Con.  This guy was dressed as Vader in a suit and looked really good.  When I asked for a photo, he posed in this great way.  Feels like Darth Vader in a corporate environment to me.

Random Photo for 06/20/2013



Today’s photo is from last month’s Phoenix Comic-Con.  As we were leaving, this guy dressed as Spider-Man was posing to take this picture.  I just had to stop and quickly take one of my own.


Random Photo for 06/15/2013

1934 Duesenberg Beverly Sedan


Today’s photo is another one from Barrett-Jackson back in January.  There was this beautiful 1934 Duesenberg Beverly Sedan.  I converted to black and white to really make the chrome pop.


Random Photo for 06/13/2013

20130602 - 1 - DSC05496


Today’s photo is another one from my recent visit to South Mountain.  This was taken with the Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7.  I chose black and white for this since the original picture was kind of dull without good sunset light.  Just the browns and greens.



Random Photo for 06/04/2013

South Mountain


It’s been a while.  I want to try and be more active here, but I’m pretty sure I said that before.  Today’s photo was taken this weekend at South Mountain here in Phoenix.  I wanted to get out and shoot and took along some legacy lenses I have plus my Sony 30 f/3.5 macro lens, since I haven’t used them in a while.

I noticed these branches with these little fuzzy white balls on them while I was walking around.  I had just taken a photo of the mountain in the background as the main subject, but wasn’t too happy with it.  I saw this grouping next to me and used the macro to get in close and put the fuzzy balls in the foreground.  This matches the vision I had in my head when I saw this opportunity and I’m really happy with how it turned out.