365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – November 30th


I really liked the colors in the sky this evening so I took this photo.


365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – November 29th


I went out to take some photos of a fountain this evening, but wasn’t too pleased with how they turned out. I had taken a picture of this building because I liked how it looked and it ended up being the best picture I took today. I’m not entirely happy with it since I cut the roof off when composing it.

365 Photo Challenge for 2011 – November 24th


It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this. After coming back from Italy, I was working through the 3000 pictures we took to get the composite images put together and get everything organized and edited. I finally got that done in the beginning of December. I was still taking pictures each day, but didn’t want to offload them from the camera so as not to get them mixed up with the trip pictures I was working on. Today on Thanksgiving, while bowling with my family, somebody broke into my car and stole me beloved Sony NEX-5. So all the November pictures are gone now. I haven’t been as inspired to shoot since then, which is why I haven’t updated this.

Today’s picture is a photo I took with my phone of my car’s busted window.