Random Photo for 08/28/2014

Today’s photo was taken in Palm Springs.  I hadn’t been before and while driving home we decided to stop and check it out.  We checked out some stores and while walking back to the car we passed this neat old building with this courtyard I couldn’t resist going into.  This is what was inside.  I had left my camera in the car so I used my iPhone to capture this.  iPhone 5, 1/1100, f/2.4, ISO 50


Random Photo for 08/24/2014


Today’s photo was taken in Rome.  It rained a lot during our trip.  Never hard, just a constant sprinkle.  Our first night in Rome we walked to the Trevi Fountain after dinner and I just loved the way the roads glistened after the rain.  Sony NEX-5N, SEL35mm, 1/60, f/2.2, ISO 400.

Random Photo for 08/10/2014

the Lilly Belle

Todays’ photo is another part of Disneyland that’s been closed to the public.  This is the Lilly Belle.  This train was named after Walt’s wife and was used mainly for special guests.  When it was open to the public you had to request a ride.  This car had to be running that day and they had to have someone who could ride in the car with you.  This was an awesome piece of Disney history to get a chance to experience and it makes me sad that now only Club 33 members get a chance to ride it.  Sony NEX-5N, SEL16mm, f/6.3.

Random Photo for 08/08/2014

Court of Angels

Today’s photo is the Court of Angels at Disneyland.  This was taken last year when we went on our final trip as annual passholders.  This was always an interesting part of Disneyland.  It was kind of hidden away in a back corner of New Orleans Square and there was no attractions there, just a pretty area of the park.  Sadly, this area is now closed to the general public as it has become the new entrance to Club 33.  Sony NEX-5N, SEL16mm, f/8.0.

Random Photo for 08/04/2014


Today’s photo is from London.  It’s in my desktop’s wallpaper rotation and I’m liking it more each time I see it.  This was taken in one of the walkways of the London Underground with the fisheye adapter, but the walls are naturally rounded so the effect isn’t really noticeable.  I snapped this very quickly as we were changing lines I wanted an empty walkway but liked the couple walking.  Sony NEX-5N, SEL16mm w/VCL-ECF1 fisheye adapter, 1/60, f/4.0, ISO 320