Random Photo for 02/18/16


Today’s photo is from Disney World.  On our last day I had woken up early and knew I had to get out and shoot.  We were staying at the Yacht Club and it’s a very pretty area.  Even more so with the sun rising over the water.


Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 30 – Until Next Time

Day 8 – 11/11/2014

After a rousing performance by the Country Bears, we had a FP+ for Haunted Mansion. It was another great ride.

Having visited the 999 happy haunts for the last time this trip we decided it was time to eat. Columbia Harbour House was right there so we figured why not. Moms got the lobster roll & I got a tuna sandwich. It was okay, nothing exceptional, but it hit the spot and wasn’t terrible. DSC05914

After lunch, the Liberty Square Riverboat was pulling up and unloading. A boat ride would be a nice final ride. The riverboat gives you some nice views of Haunted Mansion & Big Thunder as you go by. Moms spent most of the ride sitting and relaxing with the views as I ran around upstairs getting photos. DSC05923_HDR

When we were booking this trip Moms was intrigued by the Fort Wilderness Cabins and wanted to check out that resort before we left. So we said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom so we could head that way. Before we could leave MK I had to get an Orange Swirl though. I’d kinda like to try a Dole Whip swirl now.

We were expecting Fort Wilderness to have a lobby like the other resorts, but it doesn’t. Just a small area to check-in and the rest of the resort is basically a campground. Not surprising really, just a little unexpected. The guard at the gate gave us a funny look when we said we were just there to check out the resort. Now I know why. We drove through the resort and it is pretty neat. I wouldn’t mind taking a cross country road trip and staying there for a few nights.

With that our trip was coming to an end. We stopped at a Hess station to fill up the car and headed back to the airport. I picked up one last souvenir for my nephew at the Disney Store there since I hadn’t found anything for him to that point. We had booked the flights on Moms frequent flyer miles with US Airways and had enough points to upgrade the return trip to first class. It was nice, but I don’t know that I’ll ever pay what they want for those seats normally. IMG_0280– US Airways 1st class meal

I’ll post some final thoughts shortly.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 29 – A Good Old Fashioned Jamboree

Day 8 – 11/11/2014

I woke up pretty early, about 6:30, and for me waking up early on vacation is pretty much picture time. I got dressed and headed out to the dock for some photos. The sun was just coming out and there were two weddings getting ready, one at the Yacht Club & one across the way at the Boardwalk. It was a great way to start our last day.

We checked out of the hotel and loaded up the car. Our flight 5, so we figured we’d spend our last morning at Magic Kingdom.


We had no real objective, but Moms wanted to watch the Country Bear Jamboree. We slowly made our way through Adventureland and Frontierland in that direction.

The Country Bear’s hadn’t started performing yet, but were about 5 minutes away from starting. We wandered around Frontierland and bought some popcorn to kill the time.

Finally, the Bears were ready to go on. We like the show and will probably make it something we do whenever we visit WDW since the Bears have moved away from California.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 29 – Stormalong Spectacle

Day 7 – 11/10/2014

After resting a bit we headed down to the pool the Yacht & Beach Club share, Stormalong Bay. That’s a pretty awesome hotel pool right there. It’s basically a mini waterpark. It’s got a big slide, lazy river, and sand on the bottom. Moms didn’t go swimming, but I hopped right in.

IMG_0013 IMG_0018

Took another break after swimming before heading to Hollywood Studios. We loved the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights last time so we were excited to find out they would be lighting up while we were there. We hopped on a Friendship Boat and headed that way.
– Swan or Dolphin Hotel

Originally our plans included an ADR for Sci-Fi Dine In a couple days earlier, but we cancelled that. So this was our first time at DHS this trip. Outside of Star Tours and The Great Movie Ride we don’t have much reason to come here though. If I ever get out to a Star Wars Weekend though that will change.

DSC05710_HDR– Goodbye Hat

Streets of America was our priority destination. The Osborne Lights did not disappoint. We always seem to have a blast when we see them. I’d love to visit WDW during a different time of year, but I might miss the Osborne Lights too much. DSC05716

After buying some expensive roasted nuts, Moms asked if I wanted to ride Star Tours before we left. Of course I did. We bid adieu to the Osborne Lights. Star Tours said it had a 15 minute wait. Perfect, let me hop in line. 40 minutes later I was still not chosen to be the Rebel Spy; but one of these days I will & I can buy that t-shirt. DSC05778

We were hungry by this time and Moms had a craving for some Popeye’s. I found one about 20 minutes away, we’d be cutting it close though. We made our way to the park exit and caught a Friendship boat back to the Yacht Club. We didn’t make it in time for some Popeye’s and had to settle for Wendy’s.
– Moms had to peek in to 50’s Prime Time as we walked by


Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 27 – Last Tango in Epcot

Day 7 – 11/10/2014

I left the Imagination Pavilion and made my way to World Showcase. This would be my last visit to Food & Wine. I was near the Puerto Rico booth so I started there. I ordered the beef with rice ($4.50). I have it down as being just okay I think because they had these ready to go; wasn’t too memorable. While I was waiting for my food a couple came up to where you pick up food and just grabbed a plate. I guess he thought it was like Costco samples. You know Disney is not doing anything for free man. The CM asked for his receipt and I guess he learned. I ate my beef and went back to Canada for some more soup.
DSC05654IMG_0260– Carne guisada con arroz blanco: Slow-braised beef with Puerto Rican-grown rice (gluten free)
IMG_0261– Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

Since I had already made my way on the Canada side I decided to start back in Mexico. On the way I passed the Desserts & Champagne booth and I had to get something sweet. I chose the dessert trio ($4.00) with a creamsicle, espresso cake, & cheesecake roll. The cheesecake roll was okay, the creamsicle was good, and the espresso cake was very good; despite me not liking coffee flavoring. DSC05658– Dessert Trio: Passion fruit coconut creamsicle, blueberry lime cheesecake roll, and chocolate espresso opera cake

In Mexico I looked around the stalls a little before getting in line for The Gran Fiesta Tour. I didn’t get any food since I live in Arizona with tons of Mexican food.

I hadn’t really been to the “top” part of World Showcase yet so I sped past Norway & China on my way to Germany. At the German booth I got the pasta gratin ($3.50). It was also just okay. It was supposed to have ham, but I don’t recall there being much if any. The Poland booth was nearby and I stopped for what would end up being my last booth 😦 From there I got the kielbasa pierogi ($5.25) & the apple pie drink ($8.75). The kielbasa was very good and the apple pie drink was great. I wish I had one right now. DSC05665
DSC05668DSC05669– Schinkennudeln: Pasta gratin with ham and cheese
DSC05670DSC05671– Kielbasa and potato pierogi with caramelized onions and sour cream & Frozen Szarlotka (apple pie) featuring Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

I continued along and did some browsing in Italy. I found this Italian candy I had bought the year before in Italy, Perugina Baci. I absolutely loved these so I had to buy a bag. I really should’ve bought more than one. They are like Hershey Kisses, but filled with a hazelnut filling and a whole hazelnut, basically one of the best things ever. I was ecstatic to find these. I passed the US and went to Japan to do some shopping. I looked around the main store a bit, but I was really after candy. I purchased a couple bags of candy to bring home.

I had been to every country and checked off quite a few of my Food & Wine list. I really wanted to check out Stormalong Bay before we left and this was really the best time. I started walking out, but before I left I stopped and just took it all in for a couple minutes. World Showcase is one of my favorite parts of WDW, so just looking out over the lagoon for a couple minutes was a great way to say goodbye.
DSC05678_HDR DSC05683

I decided to walk back to Yacht Club and see what that was like. Probably not the best idea since my feet were already hurting, but oh well.
DSC05690_HDR – Beach Club DSC05695

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 26 –

Day 7 – 11/10/2014

Having rolled solo through England I made my way towards Future World for my Living With the Land FP+. I was happy with the photos I took in Canada a couple days before so I didn’t stop there. I did have to stop and take a picture of the Imagination Pavilion with a monorail passing by. I only had to wait about 5 minutes for monorail Green to come through.

I got to The Land and there was quite a line for Living With the Land. I was glad to have a FP+. I didn’t have a long wait before boarding the boat. LWTL was one of my favorite rides previously and I was slightly underwhelmed this time. I think because this time there weren’t as many fruits and veggies on the branches. Instead of these amazing 9-pound lemons, it was just a tree branch. I hadn’t really thought about the time of year affecting this ride, but it makes perfect sense. It’s a shame Moms wasn’t feeling good, I think she’d really enjoy the Behind the Seeds Tour. I’ll just add it to the list for the next trip.
DSC05607DSC05608– “lettuce” show you this Mickey head

I wanted to explore the Aquarium in The Seas since other than eating at Coral Reef we didn’t really check it out last time. That was my next stop. I was trying to get a lot done today and rushing a little more than usual. Otherwise I couldn’t spent quite a long time there in all those viewing areas.
DSC05614– I think this teacher lost his students DSC05615

I know I rode Journey Into Imagination on my first trip to WDW back in ’89, but I don’t have the memories of the ride to make me hate the new version. I enjoy it and since the wait was only about 5 minutes I got in line.
DSC05616DSC05619– this made me sad

The fountains around the Imagination Pavilion are great, so after exploring my Imagination I hung around and took some more photos. DSC05630
DSC05643_HDRDSC05651_HDR– had to stop for a slightly different view as monorail Green passed by again.

Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 25 – I’ve Got the UK All To Myself

Day 7 – 11/10/2014

We woke up this morning and Moms wasn’t feeling too good again. She decided to rest in the room while I visited Epcot. I remember I had to get something from the car, but I don’t remember what. All I know is I took my camera with me.

I opted to take a Friendship boat to Epcot instead of walking. I took a bunch of photos while waiting for the boat.
DSC05556 DSC05560

I entered Epcot via the International Gateway and World Showcase wasn’t open yet. I didn’t mind though, that meant empty pavilions. I headed towards Future World where I had a FP+ for Living With the Land. On the way I stopped to enjoy a basically empty United Kingdom. I enjoyed being able to take photos in the day with not as many people around. Next time I may just have to spend a morning walking through an empty World Showcase. DSC05566