Random Photo for 07/04/2014

Washington DC-122DSC00637

Today’s photo is the Washington Monument as seen from the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.  Happy Independence Day America!  Sony NEX-5, SEL1855 @46mm, 1/800, f/6.3, ISO 200


Random Photo for 03/10/2014

Today’s photo is from the Washington National Cathedral in D.C.  They have these stained glass windows that make these great light patterns on the walls.  Sony NEX-5, SEL1855 @ 35mm, 1/40, f/7.1, ISO 1600.

Random Photo for 10/13/2012

Today’s photo is one of the first photos I took with my Sony NEX-5 that I really liked.  About a month after getting the camera we went to Washington D.C. for the Daily Show & Colbert Report Rally To Restore Sanity.  The event was a lot of fun, but since we were only in town for three days we didn’t get a chance to do much else.  On our final day before heading to the airport, we visited the Washington National Cathedral.  I took this with the 16mm lens down one of the sides running parallel to the main nave.  It’s become one of my favorite photos.