Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 30 – Until Next Time

Day 8 – 11/11/2014

After a rousing performance by the Country Bears, we had a FP+ for Haunted Mansion. It was another great ride.

Having visited the 999 happy haunts for the last time this trip we decided it was time to eat. Columbia Harbour House was right there so we figured why not. Moms got the lobster roll & I got a tuna sandwich. It was okay, nothing exceptional, but it hit the spot and wasn’t terrible. DSC05914

After lunch, the Liberty Square Riverboat was pulling up and unloading. A boat ride would be a nice final ride. The riverboat gives you some nice views of Haunted Mansion & Big Thunder as you go by. Moms spent most of the ride sitting and relaxing with the views as I ran around upstairs getting photos. DSC05923_HDR

When we were booking this trip Moms was intrigued by the Fort Wilderness Cabins and wanted to check out that resort before we left. So we said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom so we could head that way. Before we could leave MK I had to get an Orange Swirl though. I’d kinda like to try a Dole Whip swirl now.

We were expecting Fort Wilderness to have a lobby like the other resorts, but it doesn’t. Just a small area to check-in and the rest of the resort is basically a campground. Not surprising really, just a little unexpected. The guard at the gate gave us a funny look when we said we were just there to check out the resort. Now I know why. We drove through the resort and it is pretty neat. I wouldn’t mind taking a cross country road trip and staying there for a few nights.

With that our trip was coming to an end. We stopped at a Hess station to fill up the car and headed back to the airport. I picked up one last souvenir for my nephew at the Disney Store there since I hadn’t found anything for him to that point. We had booked the flights on Moms frequent flyer miles with US Airways and had enough points to upgrade the return trip to first class. It was nice, but I don’t know that I’ll ever pay what they want for those seats normally. IMG_0280– US Airways 1st class meal

I’ll post some final thoughts shortly.


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