Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 27 – Last Tango in Epcot

Day 7 – 11/10/2014

I left the Imagination Pavilion and made my way to World Showcase. This would be my last visit to Food & Wine. I was near the Puerto Rico booth so I started there. I ordered the beef with rice ($4.50). I have it down as being just okay I think because they had these ready to go; wasn’t too memorable. While I was waiting for my food a couple came up to where you pick up food and just grabbed a plate. I guess he thought it was like Costco samples. You know Disney is not doing anything for free man. The CM asked for his receipt and I guess he learned. I ate my beef and went back to Canada for some more soup.
DSC05654IMG_0260– Carne guisada con arroz blanco: Slow-braised beef with Puerto Rican-grown rice (gluten free)
IMG_0261– Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

Since I had already made my way on the Canada side I decided to start back in Mexico. On the way I passed the Desserts & Champagne booth and I had to get something sweet. I chose the dessert trio ($4.00) with a creamsicle, espresso cake, & cheesecake roll. The cheesecake roll was okay, the creamsicle was good, and the espresso cake was very good; despite me not liking coffee flavoring. DSC05658– Dessert Trio: Passion fruit coconut creamsicle, blueberry lime cheesecake roll, and chocolate espresso opera cake

In Mexico I looked around the stalls a little before getting in line for The Gran Fiesta Tour. I didn’t get any food since I live in Arizona with tons of Mexican food.

I hadn’t really been to the “top” part of World Showcase yet so I sped past Norway & China on my way to Germany. At the German booth I got the pasta gratin ($3.50). It was also just okay. It was supposed to have ham, but I don’t recall there being much if any. The Poland booth was nearby and I stopped for what would end up being my last booth 😦 From there I got the kielbasa pierogi ($5.25) & the apple pie drink ($8.75). The kielbasa was very good and the apple pie drink was great. I wish I had one right now. DSC05665
DSC05668DSC05669– Schinkennudeln: Pasta gratin with ham and cheese
DSC05670DSC05671– Kielbasa and potato pierogi with caramelized onions and sour cream & Frozen Szarlotka (apple pie) featuring Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

I continued along and did some browsing in Italy. I found this Italian candy I had bought the year before in Italy, Perugina Baci. I absolutely loved these so I had to buy a bag. I really should’ve bought more than one. They are like Hershey Kisses, but filled with a hazelnut filling and a whole hazelnut, basically one of the best things ever. I was ecstatic to find these. I passed the US and went to Japan to do some shopping. I looked around the main store a bit, but I was really after candy. I purchased a couple bags of candy to bring home.

I had been to every country and checked off quite a few of my Food & Wine list. I really wanted to check out Stormalong Bay before we left and this was really the best time. I started walking out, but before I left I stopped and just took it all in for a couple minutes. World Showcase is one of my favorite parts of WDW, so just looking out over the lagoon for a couple minutes was a great way to say goodbye.
DSC05678_HDR DSC05683

I decided to walk back to Yacht Club and see what that was like. Probably not the best idea since my feet were already hurting, but oh well.
DSC05690_HDR – Beach Club DSC05695


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