Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 22 – Barnstormin’ the Mine Train

Day 6 – 11/9/2014

Today we would be checking out of Animal Kingdom Lodge and heading to our fourth and final hotel for the trip. The knowledge that this next hotel would be our last started to bring out those end of trip thoughts into my head. There weren’t many animals out in the savannah outside of our room. I went and checked out mom’s staircase viewing spot and sure enough all the animals were in that area. It must have been breakfast time since they were all chowing down.

We packed up our stuff and headed to the car to load up. I spent some more time in the lobby taking pictures.

Today was the day we were able to snag fastpass+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Initially we had times for later in the evening, but I was able to change them to 11 in the morning. Just with a 5 minute difference for each of us. It’s really weird how the system works to find times. We hopped on the railroad and took a trip to Fantasyland.

When we got off the train we decided to ride The Barnstormer. It’s right about our speed and the wait was only like 10 minutes. We both thought it was a pretty fun little coaster.
– Space Mountain from the Barnstormer queue

One of Moms favorites is Dumbo and since it was right next door and had a minimal wait we got in line. It’s Dumbo, I don’t really know what else to say about it.

Afterwards we had about 15 minutes to kill before our Seven Dwarfs time was available. We wandered around New Fantasyland while I took some pictures.
Our time had finally come and we entered the fastpass queue. We had about a 15 minute wait before boarding a train. I enjoyed the ride, it didn’t blow me away but neither was I terribly disappointed. I guess the most telling aspect of it is that I just don’t remember that much about my one ride on it. Hopefully I’ll get a few more rides in on my next trip.


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