Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 19: Back To Food & Wine

Day 5 – 11/8/2014

That Yak Attack packed a bit of a punch so I was feeling pretty good as I started on the Pangani Forest Trail. Parts of the trail were being refurbished, so there wasn’t much too see. To make matters worse, instead of people flowing in one direction, people were coming and going on the same paths so it felt really crowded. Luckily, one of the gorillas had just had a baby and that little thing was so cute. I was eager to get back to Epcot for some more Food & Wine Festival so I made my way towards the bus.

An Epcot bus came to the bus stop right as I was walking up. Talk about good timing. I headed to the Festival Center to try and get a passport book and a small gift card. They were out of passports, but I got a free Godiva sample so it evened out. I put $50 on a gift card and headed out.
– a presentation was going on, but I don’t know what it was on
– Godiva had a series of these, all made out of chocolate

Outside of Star Wars and Disney, I’m a big fan of anything free. I couldn’t not stop in Club Cool since I was passing right by it. I’ve had the Beverly so I wasn’t too disappointed they were out of it. I got my free soda tastings, but I can never remember which ones I end up liking.

This was the last weekend of Food & Wine and it was absolutely packed today. Every line was crazy long. It kind of killed that walk up and try something vibe since it looked like I’d be in line a minimum of 20 minutes. Eventually I found something I was willing to wait for. Canada’s booth. We ate at Le Cellier previously, so I was definitely in for a cheaper version of the filet ($7.25) and my favorite, Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup ($4.25). The soup was excellent of course, and the filet was very good, but not as good as I remember the actual Le Cellier version being last time.
DSC05142 – “Le Cellier” Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce
DSC05142 – Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup


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