Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 15 – We’re Going On A Safari

Day 4 – 11/7/2014

I always come off a ride on Everest with a huge smile on my face. The wait was only about 15 minutes so Moms said I might as well ride it again and get my fill. This time I went in the standby queue to take in all those glorious details. The wait went by quickly and I was on again.

Disco Yeti and all, I still love it. Our next fastpasses were for Kilimanjaro Safari for 3:00, but I was able to move them up with the My Disney Experience App. We started heading to Africa and I was of course distracted by the gibbons (that’s what I remember the lady told me they were) who were playing around. I caught up to Moms and eventually we entered Africa.

We really liked Kilimanjaro Safari on our last trip so we were really looking forward to this. Moms especially as this is one of the few rides she actually does. As we were getting on the ride I popped on my zoom lens which I brought primarily for this. We ended up with a whole row to ourselves which was nice. Most of the animals seemed more active than our last trip. The lion was sleeping closer to the edge and you could see more of her. I’d classify it as a successful safari trip.


DSC04889 – still sleeping, but at least visible
DSC04897 – I just liked this flower I saw after we got off


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