Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 11 – WossaMotta Me? WossaMotta U

Day 3 – 11/6/2014

I visited Universal solely to check out the Harry Potter lands, so at this point everything else was just a bonus. We strolled the Jurassic Park section before coming to Toon Lagoon. I’m old enough to remember most of these comic strips, but I imagine younger people don’t get most of the references there. I mean who still knows about Dudley Do-Right? I really liked that nostalgia factor of Toon Lagoon.
– admit it, by now you’ve got the theme song playing in your head

DSC04642 – Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls
DSC04644 – nuthin’, WossaMotta U?

I’ve been a long time comic fan so I was interested in the Marvel Superheroes section of IoA. The only thing I planned to ride was Spider-Man though. Once again Moms found a seat and I got on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man which had something like a 5 minute wait. My verdict? I really liked it.

I do not understand what they were trying to do with the theming of that area. It mainly consists of giant cutouts of Marvel characters stuck on the walls. The stores just say things like “shop” and “dine”. It just seems like a complete lack of effort. We were both getting a little tired and started to make our way out. We checked out some of the shops along the way but didn’t purchase anything.

I really wanted to check out the Transformers ride before we left. Moms didn’t feel like walking all the way back to Universal, so she found a spot to sit and wait in Citywalk. Turns out they were filming episodes of The Steve Harvey show in Citywalk so that was entertaining.

My feet were killing me at this point so I was just willing myself to do this one last thing. On my way I passed by the I Love Lucy Tribute. For the younger readers, back in the old days, the early 90’s. We didn’t have all these internet videos and Netflixes. Summer meant being able to stay up late and watch TV. Back then the only options really were Nick-At-Nite or infomercials. Those Nick-At-Nite shows became as much a part of my childhood as Disney afternoon cartoons. Basically I’m saying I Love Lucy was the GOAT TV show so I had no choice but to step in the Tribute. As a fan of the show, it was great seeing the props and set diagrams.


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