Walt Disney World Trip Report Part 6 – A Successful First Visit to Food & Wine

Day 2 – 11/5/2014

Credit to Disney Food Blog for all the descriptions I will be using for Food & Wine pictures.

After seeing a glimpse of our futures, we headed towards World Showcase for the main attraction. The first booth we came across was the first place we stopped. At the Terra booth, Moms ordered a glass of watermelon juice ($2.75). We liked it, but it was nothing too special. We walked around a bit seeing everything on offer and keeping our options open. In front of Norway was the Farm Fresh booth, and they had one of the must-try items on my list – pepper bacon hash.
DSC04392 – Nueske’s® Pepper Bacon Hash with sweet corn, potatoes, hollandaise and pickled jalapeño (gluten free)

I ordered a hash ($4.00) & a key lime wine ($2.75). The only notes I have for this trip are about food, but they aren’t too in depth. My notes (and my memory) tell me the hash was excellent; probably one of my favorite foods. I don’t remember too much about the wine, I think it was sweet, but I did note that it was very good.

We continued our food journey to the next location, China. We ordered the roasted duck, Mongolian beef, & Kung Fu Punch.
DSC04396 – Beijing Roasted Duck in Hoisin Sauce
DSC04397 – Mongolian Beef in Steamed Bun with Chili Mayo
DSC04398 – Kung Fu Punch with Vodka and Triple Sec

I’m thinking Moms ordered the duck and I had the beef. For both of us the beef was the winner, and I have a note that the sauce was great. The Kung Fu Punch was also very good and sweet as well.

My next stop was the South Korea booth for a kimchi dog ($4.00). This was another one of my favorites. So good.
DSC04401 – Kimchi dog with spicy mustard sauce

Moms wasn’t feeling too good so she sat down to rest outside of the China pavilion for a minute. I walked around the shop in China, but the only thing I purchased was a soda. We decided to head back to the room. First though, we had to stop in Norway. For that treat of treats, school bread. I’m sitting here wishing I had one right now.
DSC04404 – we had to get two since neither of us wanted to share

We got back to the room and enjoyed our school breads. I was eager to check out the grounds of the resort, so I grabbed my camera and made my way towards the lobby. It was nearing 11 pm so not much was still open, but that’s fine by me.
DSC04411 – lobby decoration
DSC04412 – another lobby decoration


After about 30 minutes the day started to catch up with me and I headed back to get some sleep.


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