November 2014 Walt Disney World Trip Report

I visited WDW during Food & Wine last year and I realized I never finished editing my photos. What better way to motivate myself than to write a trip report?

Let me introduce the cast of characters for this trip.

gsrjedi (me) – your fantastic scribe; despite living in Arizona my whole life, my earliest Disney memories are from my first trip back in 1989

Moms (that should be self-explanatory) – my mother; she tends to downplay her Disney love, but she’s been more open about her love of the Parks recently

We live in AZ, frequently visit DLR, & were just in the World in 2012. What brought us back so soon? Two things, we really loved WDW; and on that trip Moms learned of Ohana and was sad we couldn’t get a table then. So in July of ’14, I was checking out the My Disney Experience app and found a table at Ohana during Food & Wine. We already had an itch to go back, plus I love food! Plus, this time I had to visit (looks around the room for Disney executives), Universal, to check out Diagon Alley.

This trip had one interesting wrinkle. For a whole host of reasons, of which I was never fully clear on, we would be staying in 4 hotels this trips. We’d certainly be seeing a lot more of the resort this time.

I am simultaneously writing this trip report on a Disney forum, so I apologize in advance for using Disney jargon & abbreviations.  I’ll try my best to avoid it if I can.


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