Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 19 – I Guess Tossing A Coin In the Trevi Fountain Works

The previous part can be found here.

Nothing of note happened on the train to Rome.  I’ve taken the journey before, so I spent the time watching some Top Gear episodes and playing on my Vita.  The time passed pretty quickly for me, I don’t know about the others though.  We arrived at Termini Station and took two cabs to our hotel, Suite Dreams Rome.  This time we had the upgraded suite, but it really just meant we had a hot tub we never used.  It was getting to be dinner time so I looked online for some restaurants nearby.  I found one around the corner that had good reviews.  So we made the short trek to Target Ristorante.  I remember all of us really enjoying our meals here.
Europe 2013 - 416 - DSC00601
Europe 2013 - 410 - DSC00591
Europe 2013 - 411 - DSC00595 – someone got a “salad”
Europe 2013 - 412 - DSC00596 – this was my pizza with potato and mozzarella
Europe 2013 - 413 - DSC00597 – pretty sure Moms got this risotto
Europe 2013 - 414 - DSC00598 – Cuz’s pizza
Europe 2013 - 415 - DSC00599 – spaghetti alla carbonara

After dinner, Moms was tired and went back to the room.  The rest of us walked over to the Hard Rock to get more shot glasses.  From there we headed to the Trevi Fountain.  The legend states that if you turn your back and toss a coin into the fountain it will guarantee your return to Rome.  I’m not saying it’s true, but I did toss a coin the last time I was there and here I was again.
DSC00603 – the light rain had continued to follow us and gave the streets a nice glisten
Europe 2013 - 418 - DSC00606 – Fiat 500
Europe 2013 - 421 - DSC00614 – a better view of the masses of people you have to wade through to get down to the fountain itself.

After tossing more coins in, we headed back to the hotel.  I do know gelato was bought and my slippery shoes continued to be a nuisance as I almost fell a couple times.

Tomorrow we had a tour of the tombs below the Vatican

The fun continues here


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