Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 15 – A Disney Dream

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We returned to our hotel later than we had originally planned.  When we got back Jules had just finished her load of laundry which worried us since we’d be doing ours when we got back from the parks later.  The break ended up being really short because we wanted to get back in time to catch Disney Dreams! their nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Paris.  I changed out memory cards and we were on our way.  Most of us.  Cuz was too tired to go back and didn’t want to go back since we had to be up early to catch our train to Milan the next day.  So just the four of us went back. DSC09876_HDR.jpg Europe 2013 - 279 - DSC09889_HDR Europe 2013 - 280 - DSC09892 DSC09895_HDR.jpg Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant

Moms, Nina, & Uncle D grabbed a bite to eat at Market House Deli while we waited for the show to start.  I wasn’t hungry, but I should’ve got something anyways.  I explored Main Street as they were chowing down.  It started sprinkling right before the show started, but luckily I had my rain sleeve for the camera and it stayed a light sprinkle.

Europe 2013 - 283 - DSC09904 – one of the arcades that run along the back sides of the Main Street shops.  Each arcade is themed differently and you can access the stores from these.

Disney Dreams! uses fireworks, mist screens, lasers, music, and castle projections; so it’s basically a hodge-podge of Disney’s other nighttime show ideas.  In a word, fantastic.  I’m pretty sure it’s Disney’s newest nighttime show and it feels like a culmination of their best ideas.  I didn’t take too many photos and instead I just stood and enjoyed the experience.  The parks were empty during our visit and one of the nice things was during the show people didn’t crowd.  I had room to put my arms out and spin around without hitting people.  It was just such a different experience than I’m used to in those kind of situations.

Europe 2013 - 285 - DSC09923 Untitled Europe 2013 - 287 - DSC09939

 – here’s a short video of the Tangled section (there are much better videos of the entire show on YouTube that are worth checking out)

After the show, the others left to get started on laundry.  The park was closed so I stayed to get some photos. Europe 2013 - 289 - DSC09941 – the closest I got to Discoveryland today DSC09946_HDR.jpg Europe 2013 - 291 - DSC09949 Europe 2013 - 292 - DSC09955 DSC09957.jpg Europe 2013 - 294 - DSC09960 Europe 2013 - 295 - DSC09961 Europe 2013 - 296 - DSC09962 Europe 2013 - 297 - DSC09964 Europe 2013 - 298 - DSC09965 Europe 2013 - 299 - DSC09972 DSC09973.jpg – I love how the rain added that extra dimension to my photos

Europe 2013 - 301 - DSC09977Europe 2013 - 302 - DSC09978 – attraction posters

I quickly checked out the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel before making my way to Disney Village to get my shopping done.

Europe 2013 - 303 - DSC09986 Europe 2013 - 304 - DSC09995

By this time I was getting hungry and was looking for something to eat.  Everything I was seeing was sit-down, closed, or the lines were long.  I figured I’d get something in the little shopping area down the street from the hotel.  The RER stop at Val d’Europe has two entrances/exits.  One is next to our hotel, the other is a block away and leads to some shops.  We had been using the entrance near our hotel all day so far, but I knew there were shops at the other end so I went that way to see what was around.  I was just looking for something quick and nothing looked appealing to me.  Luckily, when Moms and them left the parks, they met Jules at Earl of Sandwich and got food for her and Cuz; and Moms still had half a sandwich left.  Which I scarfed down.   The washer and dryer at the hotel were just completely foreign to us.  Not the language, Jules had been using them all day and had that part figured out for the most part, but they were super slow.  We didn’t get finished and to bed until around 1 in the morning.  The good thing is the driver would be back to pick us up at 5:30, so we would be able to get plenty of sleep.

Paris is one of my favorite cities.  I could see myself living there.  It’s cliché, but it’s beautiful obviously.  More than that, for me it’s the vibe and the speed of the city.  The overall feel, but that’s almost impossible to quantify.  I know Paris has a reputation of rudeness.  I’m yet to experience that personally in my two visits there.  I could see how some of the interactions could be considered rude, but I feel it’s just less of the forced pleasantries we tend to use a lot here.  I like going into a store and after a simple greeting not being bothered while I shop though.

I didn’t see all of Disneyland Paris and my time there was short.  What I saw I loved.  I’m a Disney fan anyways, but I felt this park offered more unique takes on the same rides in comparison to the two US parks.  I hope to get back there and spend a couple days.  I didn’t notice any glaring issues, not was I looking.  I saw a beautiful theme park that apparently gets empty during certain times of the year.  Coming from Disneyland recently, that’s a huge plus.  Walt Disney Studios Park isn’t a place that requires a lot of time.  Crush’s Coaster is amazing and worth visiting both parks for; I enjoyed Cinemagique and would like to see Animagique, but since I’m not a thrill person I can leave Tower of Terror and Rock N’ Roller Coaster (which are both just clones anyways)  The new Ratatouille ride sounds great though and Moms has already mentioned having a timeshare in the area.

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