Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 13 – A 5 Minute Wait!?!

Read about the previous part (Walt Disney Studios Park) here

We made our way to Disneyland Paris and the approach to that park is great.  All you see is the Disneyland Hotel at first, you walk underneath that to give/buy your tickets.  Then you’re in a little open area with the hotel to your back and the Main Street Railroad Station in front of you.  You pass under that like the other Disney parks into Main Street.  The park was ready for Christmas and that initial impression with the Castle down the street did not disappoint.

DSC09704.jpg – Disneyland Hotel park entrance
Europe 2013 - 231 - DSC09712 – the classic sign with a French twist
Europe 2013 - 232 - DSC09721
Europe 2013 - 233 - DSC08115-2
Europe 2013 - 234 - DSC09723

As a Disneyland regular, I know in my Disney World trip report I went on and on about Cinderella’s Castle.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but I have to do it again.  The Disneyland Paris version of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant) is spectacular.  If this Castle was in another park and not in Paris, it would be out of place.  It works so well in this park.
Europe 2013 - 237 - DSC09729
Europe 2013 - 238 - DSC09734
Europe 2013 - 239 - DSC08123-2
Europe 2013 - 240 - DSC09737

We were on a mission to get some food.  Au Chalet de la Marionnette was our choice.  The map description mentioned roast chicken which sounded good to Moms, but she changed her mind by the time we got there and got a burger like the rest of us.  The meal included burger, fries, drink, and a Magnum ice cream bar for the price which was cool.  I don’t remember anything about the food being either particularly good or bad.  While we ordered Cuz went to get Fastpasses for him and Uncle D to ride their version of Space Mountain.  It includes a corkscrew, which does not interest me in the slightest.

Europe 2013 - 244 - DSC09742
Europe 2013 - 241 - DSC09738
Europe 2013 - 242 - DSC09739
Europe 2013 - 243 - DSC09740 – I don’t know why a ghost was stamped on the bun.  We were there about a week after Halloween so that’s probably the culprit.

After lunch, it was time for Cuz & Uncle D’s voyage into space.  Moms, Nina, & I saw Peter Pan’s Flight, a favorite, across the way and decided to ride that.  I couldn’t believe the posted wait time though.  If you’ve been to Disneyland or Disney World and rode Peter Pan’s Flight, you know the ride is very popular and tends to have a perpetual 30+ minute wait.  This sign said the wait was only 5 minutes!  I thought it was a malfunction.  We were visiting on a Thursday in November and the parks were dead, but it was still a surprise.  The normal wait times tend to deter from riding Pan frequently, so I can’t say all the minor differences, but it had the same feel and was a very similar ride.  Their pirate ship ride vehicles though can seat 4 people.
Europe 2013 - 245 - DSC09744

After our journey to Neverland we walked around Fantasyland a little and ended up in the castle when Cuz & Uncle D regrouped with us.  You can walk through a part of the castle and relive the Sleeping Beauty story through stained glass windows and tapestries.  You can also go outside and walk along some of the turrets.
Europe 2013 - 246 - DSC09754
Europe 2013 - 247 - DSC09755 – I just love the styling of this castle
Europe 2013 - 248 - DSC08128-2
Europe 2013 - 249 - DSC09762
Europe 2013 - 250 - DSC08138-2
Europe 2013 - 251 - DSC08145-2
Europe 2013 - 252 - DSC09777
Europe 2013 - 253 - DSC08148-2
Europe 2013 - 254 - DSC09780 – Space Mountain 2.0 in Discoveryland

There is another walk-through attraction in the Castle if you go underneath.  La Taniere du Dragon.  You walk through some caves and come into a cavern with an animatronic dragon.  I thought it was awesome.  It’s a very elaborate area you could easily miss, but just goes to show you Disney’s level of detail for their parks.
Europe 2013 - 255 - DSC09781
Europe 2013 - 256 - DSC09787

Continue with part 14 here.


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