Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 9 – Moms and I On Our Own

Get caught up with part 8 here.

Moms still wasn’t feeling that great this morning.  The others wanted to visit Notre Dame when it opened.  We’ve been there and with Mom’s illness we decided we’d take it easy today and let the others go out on there own.  We had purchased two-day passes for the tour bus since it was a really good deal, but they ended up taking a taxi since they left before the buses started running.  Moms and I used our passes and started passing by the famous sights of Paris.  I’m not sure where we were planning on going that morning, but as we got to the Louvre, Moms informed me that we would be getting off here.

DSC09097-Edit.jpg – this little pathway on the side of the Eiffel Tower offers a different perspective and in the early morning it’s just you and the joggers
DSC09121 – Les Invalides (military museum and the tomb of Napoleon)
DSC09166 – La Madeleine

We weren’t planning on going here, but Moms loves this place (I’m pretty partial to it myself), so she just had to go in.  After I hastily gathered up all my belongings and made my way down from the top of the bus, we were in this magnificent space.  We took it in for a minute and then I spent the next few minutes taking pictures like crazy.  The line was starting to get more people (who had just finished their picture taking sessions also) so we got in line before it got too long.
DSC09184 – the entrance to the Jardin des Tuileries
Louvre pyramid
DSC07989 – Moms took this picture & I wish I could take credit for it

We bought our tickets and went straight to the Mona Lisa.  Just like everybody else.  We’ve already explored this area on our last trip so we didn’t spend much time here.  We made our way to the Venus de Milo, which we missed last time, and passed the spot where Winged Victory of Samothrace normally sits, but it was out for a major restoration.  (This was the first time Winged Victory had been moved since WWII, there is a great documentary on Netflix [yes, streaming also] about the effort to save art during WWII and you should watch it.)  The Louvre is just too massive to really explore on a vacation.  Last time we spent about 5 hours here and completely missed an entire wing of the building.  We hadn’t eaten breakfast so after seeing the Venus de Milo and the other Greek antiquities, we made our way to the cafeteria.
DSC09227 – you’ve got to work your way through this crowd to see the Mona Lisa
DSC09234 – another view of the Mona Lisa room
DSC09242 – The Coronation of Napoleon

The Louvre cafeteria has different sections that offer different foods, so we split up since we didn’t want the same things.  Moms had roasted chicken and I don’t know what else, while I had a beef empanada and an apple pie.  The Louvre cafeteria does a good job which is good since you can spend a lot of time in the museum and be too tired to try and find food when you finish.  After we ate, we browsed the gift shop and ran into some familiar faces.  That’s right, the rest of our family had made their way to the Louvre after visiting Notre Dame and they were finishing up here as well.
DSC09285 – beef empanada & apple pie
DSC09287 – Moms’ roasted chicken (she ate her sides before I got back to take a picture)

With our group complete again, we all hopped on the tour bus to take us to the Champs-Elysee

The adventure continues with part 10


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