Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 8 – They Take Their Shopping Serious Here

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We headed down the stairs since it’s much easier to go down than up, even though we had already paid for round-trip on the funicular.  We had some light rain once we left Sacre-Coeur, and I had bought some new shoes a little while before the trip and was finding out that they were crazy slippery on these wet surfaces.  I was mainly concerned with trying not to bust my head open while going down the stairs.  We found a little café once we safely reached the bottom and the majority of us got ham and cheese crepes.  They really hit the spot.
DSC08998 – ham & cheese crepe

I previously mentioned the tour bus we chose had multiple routes and we had already switched once to visit Sacre-Coeur.  The route we were on could be useful to get to some of the train stations, but not as useful for sightseeing since it didn’t drive by any of the major Parisian sights.  Meaning we would have to ride this route all the way back to the first stop to switch back to our original route.  We’ve used these kind of tour buses before in Rome and they were a great way to see some of the things you didn’t have time to see while also taking you to the places you wanted to go.  This tour with it’s multiple lines was kind of a hassle and not worth it once you start switching routes.  To make matters worse, because we were there in the off-season the tours started their last trip at like 6.  So by the time we got back to the first stop to switch routes we would have to find another way back to the hotel if we decided to stop someplace.
DSC09035 – I didn’t even know they had Chipotle in France

I had wanted to check out the dome in Galeries Lafayette.  Since we were one street over and probably wouldn’t be back in this area everybody went with me over there.  Galeries Lafayette is a huge department store in Paris along the same lines as Harrod’s in London or Macy’s in New York.  Galeries Lafayette has competition in the form of Printemps, which is a similar style store and it’s located next door.  We came across Printemps first and went in to use the restrooms.  The store was absolutely insane and the building we were in only had women’s clothing, they had a whole other building for men’s clothes, and a third building for home goods & children’s clothes.  Everything was out of our price range, but it was fun to look.  Cuz was the only one to buy something, I think he bought some gold scissors.
DSC09052 – Printemps
DSC09055 – self-portrait in an ornament
DSC09061 – Printemps pastry station

By the time we finished looking around we were all tired and Moms was starting to not feel good.  We quickly made our way next door to Galeries Lafayette to see what we came to see and it did not disappoint.  The store is just as opulent as their neighbor and I’m glad we made it over to check out the dome while we were there.

With our aching feet we got a taxi for six and headed back to the room.  Moms wasn’t feeling that good, so Nina, Uncle D, Jules, & I went back to the grocery store from the morning to get some in room snacks.  The others got some pizzas at a restaurant we passed on the way back.  I wasn’t sure what Moms wanted, so I didn’t get anything for us figuring I could go back out if she wanted some pizza.  We ended up just getting some food brought up from the restaurant in the hotel.  A burger and a cheese plate were split between us.

DSC09082 – burger on what looks to be, but was not a bagel bun
DSC09083 – cheese plate

The tour bus took up a lot more time than I had figured so it felt like we didn’t get as much done even though the day was still exhausting.

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