Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 7 – The View From the Hill

You can find part 6 here.

We woke up this morning and I can’t remember what we were looking for, but we ended up in a grocery store to check out the local foods.

DSC08905.jpg – bikes for rent
DSC08919 – the grocery store

DSC08915DSC08916 – interesting Lay’s flavors
DSC08921 – some French cars (the blue is a Citroen C3)
DSC08934 – there’s our hotel

We decided to get tickets to a hop-on hop-off double decker tour bus as a way to see more of the city and to save on the walking.  We had a destination in mind, the Basilique du Sacre Coeur and only one tour had a route that went that way.  That should’ve been our first clue things might not go so smoothly.  This tour had multiple routes, which meant it went to more places than the other tours we looked into, and certain stops were used as transfer points to catch a different route.  The tour we used was L’Open Bus Tour.

DSC07916 – just some Paris traffic

The Basilique du Sacre Coeur is located at the top of a hill and the tour bus doesn’t take you directly to it.  For that you take the funicular to go up the hill.  We made our way to the funicular and there were lots of little shops along the way.  There were definitely some purchases made on that walk.  Cuz & I went into this chocolate shop and bought some fantastic macarons.  Everything about this shop screamed Paris chocolate shop, it all looked so good.  There was good reason for it apparently.  Before we left on this trip I had read about something in France called the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, or MOF for short, it means One of the Best Crafstmen in France.  It’s a competition held every four years where people from different trades show off their skills to make something unique.  Winning is a big deal and means you’re the best of the best and you retain your title for life.  The owner of this chocolate shop just happened to win a MOF.
DSC09004 – the aforementioned chocolate shop, see the writing below the name with the French flag colors, that’s how you know an establishment’s owner has won a MOF
DSC08956 – this Notre Dame was made of chocolate

The funicular is a short railway car that travels up a steep hill.  The Sacre-Coeur funicular is part of the Paris Metro and uses a regular Metro ticket.  Which we didn’t have.  Some of us tried to figure out how to buy our tickets in the automated machine and the others tried to buy from the man at the counter.  He was on break though so he wasn’t much help.  Eventually we got it figured out and hopped in the funicular.  Those things are just as fun to ride in as they are to say and type.

Sacre-Coeur is a beautiful church that seems like it’s centuries old, but is only 100 years old.  There are steps leading to the church and they can be a popular spot to just sit and look over all of Paris.  Our view that day was pretty foggy, but I could see it being a great place to just sit and stare on a clear day.  We explored in awe, because it’s really breath-taking in there.  Unfortunately they don’t allow photos inside.
DSC08959.jpg – view from the top of the steps you can climb if you don’t want to ride the funicular
DSC08961 – view of Paris
DSC08996.jpg – looking up from the bottom of the hill

We spent quite a bit of time in the souvenir shop next to the stairs when we left the church before we headed down.  By now it was past lunchtime and we just needed to find something close.

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