Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 6 – Wow, That’s Pretty Big

Part 5 is here.


We were on the Eurostar making our way towards France.  There was an older British couple sitting near us and we had a great conversation with them which helped pass the time.

DSC08826 – French countryside


We got into Gare du Nord train station and got 2 taxis to our hotel.  Nina and family of course paid a little extra.  The hotel, Mercure Paris Centre Eiffel Tower, was very close to the Eiffel Tower.  The rooms were much smaller than the London Marriott we had just left, but not so small that three of us were right on top of each other.  They offered free wifi but you had to log in every time you used it which got old quick.

We didn’t care though we were in Paris and the Eiffel Tower was right there just tempting us to say hello.  I had forgotten just how big it really is.  If I didn’t already mention it in another post, I am terrified of heights.  On my last trip here I went to the first level observation deck and it took me a long time to feel “comfortable” there.  I don’t think I can go all the way to the top.  Whenever the Eiffel Tower was brought up before the trip everyone but Moms and me said they were going to the top.  You couldn’t not go to the top.  Seeing it in person brought out a lot of trepidation amongst our party.

It was still early and the line wasn’t too long so we decided we’d go up to the first level.  Once we got off the elevator all thoughts of going any higher were put on hold.  There was a breeze and it was freezing out there.  After checking out the sights and no longer being able to stand the cold we checked out the gift shop before heading back down.  We weren’t too impressed with the official offerings and I don’t think any of us bought anything.
DSC08830 – Eiffel Tower from outside our hotel
DSC08848 – Trocadero from the Eiffel Tower
DSC08849 – Arc de Triomphe from the Eiffel Tower
DSC08853 – Champ de Mars & Tour Montparnasse
DSC08886 – these guys are at the base of the tower trying to sell you those cheap souvenirs, they really try to pressure you and you can see just how prevalent they are.
DSC08889-Edit – the Eiffel Tower lights up on the hour


After watching the Tower light show, we were tired and hungry.  We found a little restaurant that was across the street from the hotel.  I don’t really remember what anybody had here.  It was not a very good meal.  We were just too hungry to care at that point.  After dinner we went back to our rooms to get some sleep.


Continue onto part 7 here.




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