Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 4 – Finally some rain in London

Part 3 can be found here.


The plan was to take a break before heading back out to Piccadilly Circus.  Cuz is a big Lady Gaga fan and she had just released an album which he had, but there was also an international version with some extras he wanted to get.  Being a Sunday, the stores were closing early so we cut our break short to head to the HMV inside of Selfridge’s before they closed.  We made it with like five minutes to spare and me and Cuz practically ran to HMV.  They ended up not having the CD he wanted and we looked around as we slowly made our exit.


DSC08666 – I can only imagine how much this set of Beats headphones costs
DSC08671 – these suitcases were really popular amongst our group and there were some regrets to not making the purchase


We hopped back on the bus for the short trip to Piccadilly Circus.  Piccadilly Circus is a bit like New York’s Times Square.  There are lots of shops, it’s a busy intersection, and has some big electronic billboards.  We people watched for a minute before heading into a very British souvenir store.  Everybody pretty much went their own way and we came out with a lot of goodies.
DSC08699 – this guy’s job was to take photos next to a Union Jack Mini Cooper because what’s more British than that?  James got in line for a picture with him too.
DSC08704 – I’m very mature


When we came out it started to rain lightly.  I had brought a couple packs of rain-sleeves for my camera and distributed them out so everyone could keep their cameras dry.


Being Sunday pretty much everything was closed, so we headed back to the rooms to start packing since we would be leaving London tomorrow.  We ended up eating in the hotel’s bar and it was pretty good.
DSC08735 – I got a club sandwich, but didn’t get my membership card
DSC08737 – someone ordered a bread basket
DSC08738 – roasted potatoes are always good


Our time in London was coming to a close, our plans for the next day involved the word Abbey, before catching the train to Paris.


Continue to part 5 here.


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