Europe 2013 Trip Report: Part 3 – The Bells of St. Paul’s

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We gathered up our souvenirs and decided we’d head to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  I read it was closed to visitors on Sunday, but we figured we’d check out the outside and make our way to Millennium Bridge afterwards.  So, we hopped on a bus to the nearest Tube station.



After exiting the Tube we could see the dome of St. Paul’s.  While on the way we spotted a Starbucks first.  Since I’m not a full adult yet, or a young person who wants to act old, I don’t drink coffee; so I wandered around taking photos while everyone else got some warm drinks.  The wind was blowing mightily still and it was uncomfortable cold for us Arizonans.  I ended up in a convenience store where I bought something even better than overpriced coffee.  Candy bars.  Foreign candy bars I’ve never eaten before.  I ended up only eating one at the time and saved the rest for later.
DSC08587 – these are light and fluffy inside and I love mint so that made it even better
DSC08588 – I honestly don’t remember this one
DSC08589 – this one was good


St. Paul’s is closed to visitors on Sundays and is only open for worship.  It seemed like that just meant you could go inside, just not the main tourist areas.
DSC08597 – you’re not allowed to take photos inside the cathedral
National Firefighters Memorial – the National Firefighters Monument is just to the side of the cathedral


We passed by this British pub on our way to the Millennium Bridge and decided to give it a shot.  Nina ordered fish & chips because we were in London and you know you’ve got to eat them at least once.  Moms and me ordered bangers and mash because sausage and mashed potatoes are just awesome.  Jules ordered roasted chicken, and I don’t recall what Uncle D & Cuz ordered.  I’m used to ordering food on vacation and taking a moment to document my meals, but some people’s appetites were just too ravenous to wait.  So if you’re wondering why I only have a couple food photos for each meal, that’s why.  The food was enjoyable and soon we were back on our way.
DSC08609 – The Centre Page
2013-11-03 15.28.25 – fish & chips
DSC08610 – roast chicken
DSC08612 – bangers and mash


The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian only bridge that spans the River Thames.  You might remember this bridge as the one the Death Eaters destroy in Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince.  We only went about halfway across the bridge before heading back since we were too tired to really explore the sights on the South Bank.
DSC08621 – The Shard
DSC08632 – Tower Bridge (this has a really good shot of the upper walkways)
DSC08643 – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
DSC08652 – we got the roasted almond guy to take a picture with James


We’d been out all day and decided to take a break back in the rooms for a bit.  This was our last night, so we knew we wanted to check out Piccadilly Circus when it got dark.


Part 4 here.


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