Walt Disney World 2012 Trip Day 6 – Friday 12/07/12: On Safari With the Yeti

Today was our last full day of the trip, tomorrow we’d have to go back to the real world.  Today though, we were still in Disney and planning on visiting the park I was most excited for.  Don’t get me wrong, I was excited to see all the Disney World parks, but Animal Kingdom was the one that was the most different from our parks in California.  I woke up early again today and used the time to take some photos around the Poly.

WDW TR-352 WDW TR-353 WDW TR-354 WDW TR-355 WDW TR-356 WDW TR-357 – The Poly at sunrise

For reasons I don’t remember now, we ended up going to the TTC to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom.

WDW TR-358 – Ticket & Transport Center

WDW TR-359 – Animal Kingdom Christmas tree

WDW TR-360 – Animal Kingdom entrance

I wanted to make a beeline straight for Expedition Everest, but as soon as we walked in we were distracted by all the animals in The Oasis.  That’s a really fun area to explore.  Our hunger won out over my desire to ride, so we chose Pizzafari to get some breakfast.  I got the Bounty Platter and Moms got the Kids Breakfast Platter.  It was okay, filled us up.  After breakfast, we headed back to Asia to ride Everest.  We took our time getting there, as we kept stopping to see other animals and all the amazing details they put in the area.  The theming really is fantastic in this whole park.

WDW TR-361 – black swans in the Oasis

WDW TR-362 – the Tree of Life

WDW TR-363 – flamingoes

WDW TR-364 – Mom’s kid’s breakfast

WDW TR-365 – my breakfast bounty

WDW TR-366 – macaw

WDW TR-367

WDW TR-368 WDW TR-369 – gorillas on the way to Everest

Finally, we made it to Everest.  The wait was only 10 minutes so I chose to go through the stand-by queue to check it out since I heard it was amazing.  It was true, the level of detail in the queue is some of Disney’s best work.  Expedition Everest was described to me before the trip as a mixture of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, & Splash Mountain.  It’s a runaway train (Big Thunder), you go backwards in the dark (Space), and there’s a drop (Splash).  I loved it.  Immediately after getting off I was super excited and hopped in the single rider line for another go round.  Now I have a problem, my favorite Disney ride is on the other side of the country.

WDW TR-370 WDW TR-371 WDW TR-372 WDW TR-373 WDW TR-374 WDW TR-375 WDW TR-376 WDW TR-377 – Expedition Everest

Since we were close by, we decided to check out the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  This is another area you walk through and see animals.  Despite them just lying around, it was cool to see the tigers.

WDW TR-378 – Komodo dragon

WDW TR-379 WDW TR-380 – tigers

WDW TR-381 – I loved this shirt, should’ve bought it

We continued our way around the park and headed to Africa to ride the Kilimanjaro Safari.  This is awesome.  You board a vehicle that takes you around an African Savannah and see lots of animals.  Some of them are extremely close to the vehicle.

WDW TR-382 – Tree of Life

WDW TR-383 – black rhinoceros

WDW TR-384 – hippopotamus

WDW TR-385 – Nile crocodile

WDW TR-386

WDW TR-387 – giraffe

WDW TR-388 – elephant

WDW TR-389 – white rhinoceros

WDW TR-390 – zebras

WDW TR-391

WDW TR-392 – gorilla

Moms headed to the restroom while I walked through the Pangani Forest Trail, another walk through area with animals.  At one point I enter a room with lots of people crowded in a corner looking into water through glass.  I find an open window and all I see is a bunch of fish.  I’m wondering to myself is this all there is here, when I hear a dad close by tell his family “here it comes”.  Next thing I know a hippopotamus comes swimming through the water.  It was crazy how graceful that thing was underwater.

WDW TR-393

WDW TR-394 – hippo swimming with the greatest of ease

WDW TR-395 – this gorilla turned his back as soon as I put my zoom lens on

It was feeling like it was time for lunch when I met back up with Moms, so we chose Flame Tree BBQ.  I had the chicken & ribs, while Moms chose just the ribs.  It was delicious.

WDW TR-396 – chicken & ribs

WDW TR-397 – ribs

WDW TR-398 – Everest again

Our bellies full, I quickly walked through Dinoland USA while Moms did some final shopping.  We left back to the Poly to take a break.

WDW TR-399

WDW TR-400 – Dinosaur the Ride

After a nap, we visited Downtown Disney.  The World of Disney store there is great.  I like how the different departments are actually labeled instead of just going from one to another like the Disneyland World of Disney.  Moms had seen Pollo Campero online before we left and wanted to eat there.  We both got fried chicken, and really liked it.  We walked around some more just checking everything out.  Moms was tired after a week of Disney, so she found a place to sit while I went in search of D-Street.  The Disney World Downtown Disney is really big.  I eventually found D-Street and bought some of the Passholder exclusive Vinylmations. With our shopping done, we headed back to our room.

WDW TR-401

WDW TR-402 WDW TR-403 – Mickey& Minnie window decorations

WDW TR-404 WDW TR-405 WDW TR-406 – World of Disney store

WDW TR-407 – LEGO sea serpent

WDW TR-408 WDW TR-409  – Pollo Campero chicken

WDW TR-410

WDW TR-411

WDW TR-412 – Downtown Disney Coke machine

We got off the bus as the Grand Floridian and walked around for a bit before catching the Monorail back to the Poly.

WDW TR-413 – 1929 Cadillac in front of the Grand Floridian

WDW TR-414 – tile work on the floor of the Grand Floridian

WDW TR-415 – this staircase seemed so regal

I got off at the TTC to get more photographs of Wishes, this time from the ferry dock, while Moms continued on to the room.  The ferry dock at the TTC has to be one of the best places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from since they pipe the music into the speakers over there and you can see the whole thing.

WDW TR-416 WDW TR-417 WDW TR-418 WDW TR-419

Afterwards I went back to the room and got some sleep.

WDW TR-420

WDW TR-421 – Poly hallway

WDW TR-422 – our room

Tomorrow we were going to visit Magic Kingdom one last time for some last minute stuff.

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