Walt Disney World 2012 Trip Day 3 – Tuesday 12/04/12: Turn Up the Lights

Day 3 begin as day 2 ended, with me getting off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  I was starting to get tired, so I pulled my tripod out and took some photos as I made my way to the exit for some much needed sleep.

WDW TR-111 – probably my favorite shot of the castle from the trip

WDW TR-112 – Main Street train station

WDW TR-113 – nutcracker

WDW TR-114 – Magic Kingdom entrance

After another night’s sleep interrupted by coughing, we awoke the next morning ready to head to Magic Kingdom.  Only one slight snafu.  Moms travels with one of those small luggage locks and being a male I was done and ready much sooner than she was.  For some reason I was playing around with the lock and unknowingly accidentally reset the combination.  Then I stuck it on the luggage and couldn’t get it open.  Moms called the front desk for help, while I searched online for a locksmith.  Luckily the maintenance guy came in a few minutes and was able to break it open easily.  Now I had to go find a new lock and fortunately, the Poly’s gift shop had some.  Crisis averted, we finally made our way to the Poly’s boat launch.

WDW TR-115 – Polynesian from the boat

WDW TR-116 – Contemporary Hotel from the boat

WDW TR-117 – first sighting of the Avengers Monorail (Avengorail)

WDW TR-118 – Main Street Theater

WDW TR-119 – Castle from Main Street

As we were making our way down Main Street a parade was just starting out.  We saw that for a bit and Moms interacted with some of the streetmosphere characters that were around.  Then we made our way to Casey’s Corner during a break in the parade.  The menu item of choice was their BBQ Slaw Dog for both of us.  Very good and very messy.

WDW TR-120 WDW TR-121 – parade

WDW TR-122 – Moms with the Fire Chief

WDW TR-123 – BBQ Slaw dog

Adventureland was to be our next port of call.  Moms wanted to ride Pirates.  She’s not big into drops so she liked that this version only had one drop.

WDW TR-124 – Castle from near Casey’s

WDW TR-125 – the hub area

WDW TR-126

WDW TR-127 – Adventureland detail

WDW TR-128 – the spitting camel almost got us

WDW TR-129 WDW TR-130 – Pirates queue in the daytime

After a quick browse through the gift shop, I wanted to check out Disney World’s version of Splash Mountain.  When I got there, it was down, so I hopped on Big Thunder Mountain which had a short wait.

WDW TR-131 WDW TR-132 WDW TR-133 – BTMRR

After another thrilling ride, there was a small line forming for Splash so I got in that line and a few minutes later, they reopened the ride.  It’s very weird to me to sit next to someone while riding Splash.  This version of the ride has more of a coherent story than the Disneyland one.  I know Disney World fans on the internet use Splash as their main point of why Disney World is falling apart, but I didn’t notice any major problems.  Sure we were stopped just before and after the drop, but all the animatronics seemed to be working to me and the music and sound effects all seemed in working order.  After reading the internets doom & gloom I was expecting Brer Rabbit’s eyes to be falling out, or even just a bunch of static figures standing there.  To me it was all good.  I enjoyed my trip to the laughing place.

WDW TR-134 WDW TR-135 WDW TR-136

After Splash we hopped on the train and rode to the New Fantasyland station.  We didn’t ride anything, just spent some time shopping and getting snacks before going to Tomorrowland with one goal in mind.  The Peoplemover.

WDW TR-137 – ornaments in New Fantasyland store

WDW TR-138 – New Fantasyland cast members hanging out

The Peoplemover was down though.  Since it was right next door, we got on Carousel of Progress.  Moms loved it and I liked it a lot as well.  Stitch was walking by after we exited and was just starting a line.  I like characters that have no wait, so I stopped for a quick picture.

WDW TR-139 – Space Mountain

WDW TR-140 – Tomorrowland’s metal trees

WDW TR-141 – It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow

WDW TR-142 – chillin with Stitch

The Peoplemover was back up and running so Moms got her first taste of that ride since it closed at Disneyland.  This ended up being her favorite ride in Disney World.

WDW TR-143 – Peoplemover vehicles

WDW TR-144 – on the tracks

WDW TR-145 WDW TR-146 – views from the Peoplemover

After Mom’s best ride ever, we started to make our way out for a break.  Moms stopped in the Emporium briefly and I visited the Fire Station for a pack of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards.  The Celebrate a Dream Come True parade started and ended up separating us on each side of the street until it was over.

WDW TR-147 WDW TR-148 – similar shots from the Rose Garden

WDW TR-149 – Tomorrowland entrance

WDW TR-151 WDW TR-152 – more castle shots

WDW TR-153 WDW TR-154 WDW TR-155 WDW TR-156 – parade floats

Moms was tired and wanted to go back to the room for a rest, I on the other hand was still good to go and opted to get off the boat at the Grand Floridian to check out the giant gingerbread house.  The Grand Floridian seems way too fancy a place for me, but the gingerbread house and their Christmas tree in the lobby were both very impressive.  When I was done looking at all that sweetness I walked back to the Poly and stopped into Capt. Cook’s for a quick snack.  After seeing that gingerbread house, I just had to stop and get a gingerbread cupcake.  It was okay, the cake wasn’t moist enough for my liking.

WDW TR-157 – Grand Floridian from the boat

WDW TR-158 – view of the Contemporary from the Grand Floridian boat dock

WDW TR-159 – me looking pensive at the Grand Floridian

WDW TR-160 – grounds of the Grand Floridian

WDW TR-161 – 16 foot tall gingerbread house

WDW TR-163 – detail on the gingerbread house

WDW TR-162 – giant Christmas tree in the lobby

WDW TR-164 – view of the Poly from the walkway

WDW TR-165 – gingerbread cupcake

Our bodies slightly rested, we headed to the bust stop to catch a bus to Hollywood Studios.  With the tentative itinerary I had in my head based off of where our ADRs were at, I figured tonight was our only chance to see the Osborne lights.  I don’t know if it’s because we have the most pictures from our previous trip here and at Epcot’s World Showcase, but those are the two areas I remember most from that trip.

WDW TR-166 – I like these Coke machine inserts

WDW TR-167 – DHS’ Christmas tree

WDW TR-168 – as a Disneyland/California Adventure regular, this looks familiar

We were hungry so food was the main thing on our minds at this point.  Tomorrow we had an ADR for 50’s PrimeTime, so we figured we’d see if Hollywood & Vine had some seating.  They did.  The food was your standard cafeteria buffet.  Nothing earth-shattering, but it hit the spot.

WDW TR-169 WDW TR-170 WDW TR-171  – the first things you see when you enter Hollywood Studios

WDW TR-172 – Moms loved this window display

WDW TR-173

WDW TR-174 – our restaurant for the evening

WDW TR-175 – that’s my restaurant alias

WDW TR-176 WDW TR-177 – my 1st plate and Moms’ plate

Knowing we’d be back the next day, we weren’t too concerned about seeing things.  Our goal was the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights so we made our way there.  Spectacle is absolutely the correct word for it.  One of the highlights of the trip for me and possibly Moms favorite part.  Rather than me continuing to gush about how great it was, I’m just going to post a bunch of photos and let them speak for themselves.

WDW TR-179 WDW TR-180 WDW TR-181 WDW TR-182 WDW TR-183 WDW TR-184 WDW TR-185 WDW TR-186 WDW TR-187 WDW TR-188 WDW TR-189 WDW TR-190 WDW TR-191 WDW TR-192 WDW TR-193 WDW TR-194 WDW TR-195 WDW TR-196

The park closed at 8 that night, but we stayed around until at least 8:30 just in awe of the whole thing.  I absolutely loved it.  I had pulled my tripod out as the crowds started to thin, and I kept it out as we made our way to the exit with me stopping to take photos along the way.

WDW TR-197 – the infamous Sorcerer’s Hat

WDW TR-198

WDW TR-199 – Hotel of Terror

WDW TR-200 – one of the many old cars on display

WDW TR-201 – view from the entrance

We bussed back to the Poly, tired, and with me hoping to get a full night’s sleep.


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