Random Photo for 08/12/2012


With all this attention on London with the Olympics and what-not, I decided to post a picture from my trip there in 2009.  I know this might not be the best picture composition wise, but it’s always been one of my favorites from the trip.  This was taken with my Canon S2 IS before I really got into photography.  This trip is what really prompted me to get more into photography and to get a nicer camera.  I didn’t want to take the S2 since it was too bulky.  Luckily I’m incredibly lazy and didn’t do any research into buying a new camera for the trip.  After the museums and churches we visited (especially Notre Dame) I told myself I wouldn’t go back to Europe without a DSLR (not realizing what that meant other than they took better pictures).  I heard about the NEX being the smallest interchangeable lens camera and was intrigued.  It did everything I wanted in a package much smaller than the DSLRs I was looking at getting.  Since getting the Sony, London & Paris are  high on my list of places to visit, since I now have to reshoot them.


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