Random Photo for 08/03/2012

The other day I was thinking about my trip to London & Paris back in 2009.  Specifically, the Arc de Triomphe’s ridiculous amount of stairs.  284 to be exact.  If you’ve never been, the steps just spiral up all the way to the top and seem to never end.  The memorable part comes when you finally make it to the top.  There’s a number of benches at the top and upon reaching the finish I saw quite a few people sitting up there taking a break.  They all seemed to look at me as I came up the final steps with a sort of knowing look.  For a brief moment you and these strangers share an unspoken moment of understanding as you join them and take a seat at a bench.  The cycle is maintained because you will look at the  next person to reach the top of the steps and welcome them to this brotherhood of the exhausted.

I took this from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.  I increased the contrast to bring out some of the details in the buildings and converted it to black and white.


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