I’ve been playing a lot of Forza 4 recently and spending more time in the game’s photo mode.  I end up spending a lot of time taking photos since I prefer the 3840×2160 “Big Shots” and those take a couple minutes to create and upload to their servers and have to be downloaded one at a time.  Here’s some of the images I’ve made in game recently.

 – Ferrari 458 Italia

 – Koenigsegg CCX sliding around the Benchmark Test Track

 – Fiat 500 Abarth, painted to look like the Ferrari 695 Tributo edition, driving around Hockenheim Ring at sunrise

 – Lexus LFA flying around Infineon Raceway

     – Audi R8 LMS driving the Circuit de La Sarthe

   – Porsche Carrera GT also at Le Sarthe

   – Honda Integra Type-R


I’m having some trouble getting certain pictures sharp.  It seems that when I add some shutter speed to create motion blur, the camera isn’t panning with the car and the car ends up with a slight blur as well.  Probably doesn’t show up too much in the standard 1280×720 pictures, but is much more noticeable in the Big Shots.  It’s preventing me from taking some pictures at the angles I want.

Perhaps one day soon I’ll post some of the 600+ pictures I’ve taken in Gran Turismo 5 (though not all 600 I promise)



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