SDCC/Disneyland Road Trip day 2 Thursday 7/12/12: The Wandering

After waking up from my uncomfortable fold-out bed, we had breakfast at the hotel.   After getting some nourishment in my body, I left mom and cuz getting ready while I went to be with my people.

After walking along the convention center, around the Marriott, and finding the end of the line near the marina, I got in line for my badge.  Not too bad, last year I was much farther back, but I soon found out there was a reason for that.  I forgot to charge my 3DS the night before so when I pulled it out in line I only had a little bit of power left. I was only able to get about 20 spotpasses in the morning because of that.

 – my spot in line

The line moved fairly quickly and we soon found ourselves upstairs getting our badges.  The reason the line outside wasn’t as long was because everybody else was apparently already upstairs waiting to get onto the show floor.  Us late arrivals were ushered around to the other end of the convention center.  By the time I made my way around they had already opened the doors to let people in.  Immediately I worked my way through the crowd and went directly to Hallmark’s booth.  Actually I went directly to their line.

 – from the back of the Hallmark line (the two lines on the right are for SDCC t-shirts)

I spent the next hour and 20 minutes passing time by swapping SDCC war stories with some of the other people in line.  When you near the front of Hallmark’s line they hand out buttons so the cashiers know you actually waited in line and didn’t just waltz up.  Any person who has ever waited in a line to buy some sort of convention exclusive fears the moment when the staff come out and announces that they have sold out of the item you just waited an hour or more to buy.  As we got our buttons they didn’t make that announcement, but they did let us know they were running low on the Star Wars ornaments.  We finally got to the booth itself, and just to play on our anxieties even more, they let us know they would probably run out of the Star Wars ornaments somewhere around me.  Eventually one of the staffers started counting us.  I didn’t know what she was counting for, I just knew I didn’t want her to stop in front of me.  6, 7, 8 (that’s me!), 9.  That’s it, that’s the last person to get a chance to buy the Star Wars ornament today.  Whew!  Relief for those of us she counted, slight dejection for the people behind us.  Guess they’d have to try again tomorrow.

   – couple of booth set ups

With my main mission accomplished I made my way to the Square Enix booth to purchase their exclusive Batman figure.  There was no line and I also picked up their Solid Snake figure, which wasn’t an exclusive, I just wanted it.  After drooling over their upcoming toys, I headed to the AFX booth for their exclusive Minimates.  AFX ended up selling all the various exclusive Minimates that were available this year, so that made for some quick and easy one-stop shopping.

With all the exclusives I planned to purchase acquired I set about wandering aimlessly around the exhibit hall.  I stopped by Sony’s booth and played a couple upcoming PSN games.  Papo & Yo is kind of hard for me to describe.  I’ll just link to their website and you can check it out for yourself.  I didn’t really know what I was doing at the beginning of the demo, but once I got the hang of it, it was awesome.  I also played Sound Shapes, a music platformer, because they were giving out free t-shirts for playing.  I ended up liking this one as well.  I’ll be buying both of them when they come out later this year.  Before I left the booth I wanted to check out the Vita games they brought since I’m still trying to be convinced to buy one.  The only Vita game I played was Guacamelee.  This was a pretty neat platformer with a dimension switching hook.  Worth checking out if you have a Vita, but still not enough to suck me in.  All the other game company lines were far too long for me to want to wait to play anything else.

   – adorable baby Dalek and Mega Man

I went by the Funko booth and saw their exclusive Vinylmations that were already sold out for the day.  Maybe I can convince my mom to come here first thing tomorrow.  I wanted to go by Gentle Giant’s booth and check out their new stuff I probably won’t purchase, but there were some costumed people in the booth so I couldn’t really move around to look at anything.  I headed to Sideshow to see what amazing products they’ll have coming out that will make me want to sell some of my organs on the black market to be able afford to afford them.  In particular I liked the Hot Toys Batmobiles, the Commander Shepherd premium format, the Isaac Clarke premium format, the Galactus maquette, all of the Star Wars Mythos line.

 – Galactus maquette

       – Star Wars Mythos line

 – Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon

 – Force Unleashed Shaak Ti premium format

 – an awesome looking World of Warcraft statue, I don’t play the game so I don’t know who it is

 – Commander Shepherd premium format

 – Isaac Clarke premium format

I was getting hungry so I grabbed some food from a stand at a nearby hotel and went back to the room to rest a bit.

Meanwhile mom & cuz had been to Balboa Park in the morning and were out doing some shopping at the Carlsbad Outlets.  Or at least that’s what they said.

 – old school JDM cruising around downtown

 – if you failed to get the Hasbro exclusives at the show or online, this guy had them all

Slightly well rested I spent the next couple hours just walking around and not buying anything.  Mom and cuz had apparently been by to pick up their badges for tomorrow.  Now here’s a bunch of pictures.

 – part of the Avengers plus female Iron Man, I guess that would be Iron Woman

 – Earthbenders

 – mom’s pic of downtown

 – I don’t even know

 – looks to be a character from KOTOR

 – breast cancer awareness Jedi & Padme

 – Jim Kelly (from Enter the Dragon)

 – I always try and take a photo like this every year

 – definitely need to choose carefully

 – Boba Fett helmet for a Celebration VI art project

 – eFX replica Scout Trooper helmet (my favorite of the troopers)

 – Marvel was promoting Iron Man 3 the same way they promoted Iron Man 2, by showing off all the Iron Man suits

 – Supergirls

While I still had a little bit of feeling in my feet, I decided to head over to the WB’s offsite event and check out the Batmobiles they had on display.


Those were really cool to see.  They’re really big and long.  Wonder if he was overcompensating for something?  I hobbled back to the hotel where mom and cuz were sitting back watching TV.  Mom was, cuz was on her phone as usual.  I didn’t want to have to drive and maneuver my way through the throngs of people that were downtown, just to get some food, so we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory that was across the street.  There was a 45 minute wait so we walked around the Gaslamp District and soaked up the Comic-Con atmosphere.

 – pair of sunglasses in a store window


       – general Comic-Con atmosphere

Dinner was good and I was very tired by the time we finished.  We just relaxed in the hotel room until we fell asleep.


Will I get in to see the Firefly panel tomorrow?  Will mom and cuz be able to figure out where to go in the Friday crowds alone?  Tune in soon, same Bat-channel, probably not the same Bat-time.


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  1. Hi there. I recently saw one of your photos on another blog that may have been used without permission. This other blog recently used one of my photos without permission and I just wanted to give you a heads up. Contact me for the site address.

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