First day with the SEL30mm f/3.5 macro

I got a new lens for my 5N yesterday, Sony’s E-Mount 30mm f/3.5 macro lens.  This lens never seemed to get much love on the internet.  Too slow for a prime, focal length too close for macro, not a pancake lens.  None of these things really bothered me though.  I was interested in this focal length as a general purpose lens to use for a variety of situations.  Sigma recently released a 30mm f/2.8 lens that’s smaller and seems to perform better.  I decided on the Sony lens because of it’s macro abilities, or rather, it’s ability to let me focus much closer than my other lenses.  Took some snaps last night and today after finishing up work, I went on a little walk around downtown Mesa with the lens.  This is some of those first couple photos.


 – bee’s food

 – wall of music

Downtown Mesa has these bronze statues on Main Street.  It’s confusing when driving down the street because you see all these people doing stuff out of your peripheral vision.  These next photos are of some of those statues.

 – girl reading

      – I kind of like the first one better with the focus on the catcher.  The second would be better with the focus on the eyes and to try a shallower DOF

 – extra, extra



It’s only been a day, but I’m super happy with this lens.  It’s sharp to my eyes, the focal length is pretty perfect for me to use as a walk-around lens, it’s lightweight.


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