JCNA Car Show Part 2

This is part two of the Jaguar Club of North America’s Western States Concours d’Elegance post.  This post has more full body shots of the cars and a little video I shot of a 1990 XJR-15 with the engine running and revving.  Same as last time, I’ll be posting these in order starting with the oldest


 – 1935 SS 90

 – 1938 SS 100

 – 1952 XK120

 – 1954 XK120

 – 1956 XK140

 – 1957 XK140 Zagato

 – ’57 XK140 Zagato

 – 1960 XK150

 – 1966 S-Type

 – ’66 S-Type

 – 1990 XJR-15

 – ’90 XJR-15 office space

 – ’90 XJR-15 wheel


and the video



Sounds so angry when it revs.  I can imagine this tearing down a track at full-bore and it’s a glorious though.


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