JCNA Car Show

The Jaguar Club of North America put on a Concours d’Elegance in Chandler today and since I love cars (especially the E-Type Jag) I went down to check it out.  These are just some of the pictures I took.  I’ll probably post a part two with more complete pictures of cars and I want to check out some video I shot and possibly put it on youtube and embed that.

Starting with the oldest

 – wheel off a 1935 SS90

 – logo from a 1938 SS100

 – gauge cluster from the same SS100

 – logo off a 1952 XK120

 – reflection of a ’54 C-Type in the ’52 XK120

 – gauges from a 1953 XK120

 – rear three-quarter view of another ’53 XK120

 – front of a ’54 XK120

 – I’ve looked this car up since I came home & it seems like there was only one 1957 XK140 Zagato that was made.  If this isn’t that one car they did a big job of reproducing that one, even going so far as to recreate the front license plate.

 – the Zagato Z

 – 1958 XK140

 – mirror off what I believe to be an XK140

 – 1961 E-Type convertible (I love this color)

 – couple of E-Types with their hoods open

 – clouds reflected off an E-Type’s trunk

 – E-Type front ends


It was a cool event.  Some really beautiful cars on display.


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